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The Skin and Beauty Blog, formerly Princess Livia (www.princess-livia.com), is a makeup and skincare blog started in 2007 byLivia when she was a medical student. She developed a love for makeup and beauty having been heavily involved in performing arts since early childhood, creating her own artistic makeup looks. What started out as experience in stage makeup evolved into abilities to apply makeup for everyday and for glamour in special occasions. Her passion for good skincare stems from her ambition to become a Dermatologist. Livia is now a fully registered medical doctor, continuing her dreams and aspirations to become a Dermatologist following housemanship training. She attends and has presented in several national and international conventions in Dermatology. She has combination skin, shade MAC NC30.
Shannon is Livia's younger sister began writing for The Skin and Beauty Blog in early 2014. With a similar childhood background as Livia, this makeup and beauty addict is also pursuing a degree in medicine. She is currently taking a pre-medical course in California, USA. She has combination skin, shade MAC NC35.

Shivanee is Livia's sister in-law, the latest author contributor to The Skin and Beauty Blog in 2014. She is medical doctor in the UK with a penchant for shopping, makeup and beauty. She has dry-normal skin, shade MAC NC42.
Through The Skin and Beauty Blog, the sisters aim to help their readers with solutions to common beauty woes and provide inspiration and ideas to take into everyday practice in their love of beauty.

To get to know the sisters better, click on their photos below!

LiviaShannon, Shivanee

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