Jolen Cream Bleach

Jolen Cream Bleach Review
Jolen Cream Bleach Review

Way back before Cara De Levigne et al brought back the dark brow trend, Jolen used to be my brows' best friend.

I bleached my brows at home three or four times a year to match my hair dye of choice for a more natural look. Apart from brows it also works on other body hairs, notably moustaches and sideburns if you were the anti-epilating/anti-waxing type.

Jolen Cream Bleach comes in two ingredients: a bleaching cream and an accelerator powder. The kit also contains a spatula and a mixing cup (newer packs).

How to use:

1. Wash the area to be treated with soap and water and pat dry.

2. With the spatula provided, add and mix two parts bleaching cream to one part accelerator powder in the mixing cup.

3. Make sure the powder is properly mixed in the solution to avoid fall-out.

4. Apply to the area treated. You can use the spatula provided or an old mascara brush/spoolie brush (for eyebrows).

5. Leave on for a few minutes. The longer you leave it, the lighter the hair would get.

For dark asian eyebrows, experience taught me to leave it on for approximately 5-6 minutes for my perfect brow shade. If its your first time and for a more controlled brightening, you can apply it at 45-second to 1 minute intervals. Note down the time it took for future reference.

For facial hair, Jolen advises to use for 10 minutes to make hair appear invisible.

Take care not to get the product into your eyes. The cream is quite thick if mixed properly. If this happens rinse immediately and see your GP.

6. Wipe off with a wet towel, I like to use tissues dampened in cold water to provide a cooling effect.

7. Enjoy your bleached hair!

Before your first use of Jolen, like all treatments, I would recommend doing a test dose to ensure it doesn't sting your skin.

Honestly I haven't tried other bleaching creams as I've been so happy with Jolen Cream Bleach.

Jolen Cream Bleach Review
Jolen Cream Bleach Review

Overall I highly recommend Jolen Cream Bleach for the 'tache and brows and I would repurchase when I run out (like I have in the past).

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