Lulu Guinness Clutch and Floral Boots - My Top Sale picks

I wanted to share with you two new items that I had been getting non-stop compliments for -

1. Lulu Guinness Chloe Clutch in Cassis

Lulu Guinness is a quirky brand I have been obsessesed with since I first found about them over a year ago. They have amazing lipstick inspired products - what more can a makeup obsessed girl want!?

When I saw this beautiful clutch was half price I just had to get one for myself. It is a stunning pinky purple box clutch with a golden lipstick clasp - perfect for dinners or a night out.

2. Topshop 'Krazy' pointed Floral boots

These gorgeous boots are only £10 (I actually purchased them for £18 - but you win some and you lose some..) and I have gotten non-stop compliments for them. They are very comfortable and with such a good price you really cannot go wrong.

They are different to any other boots in my collection and are a great addition to plain or neutral outfit

What were your top sale picks?

Love it or Leave It? Leave a comment below!

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Cassis Chloe Clutch

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