Winter masks I am loving from Elizabeth Arden and True North

True North Destress Mask, Elizabeth Arden PRO Illuminating Enzyme Masque
True North Destress Mask and Elizabeth Arden PRO Illuminating Enzyme Masque

If you follow us on Instagram you'll know I absolutely loved the Vitamasques sheet mask - so hydrating and moisturising. Masks were always something I had just seen in old movies of girls using pre-prom but these last few weeks I've really being enjoying discovering some new masks especially for my extra dry skin!

The first is the De-Stressed mask from True North. I cannot rave about this enough. It contains Aloe Vera and advises to apply a generously layer onto a cleansed face and neck. I have been using this after work non-stop lately as it is so rich and hydrating and dissolves away any tension headache I have. It definitely soaks into my skin and leaves it feeling softer and hydrated. The packaging is so cute and the only down side would be the slightly small size and the fact that it is quite pricey - however, a little goes a long way with this product and I find that lathering excess on is not needed. It is available from Harvey Nichols for £59.

The Elizabeth Arden PRO illuminating enzyme masque is another favourite. This mask is also rich and creamy and smells incredible. It contains papaya, pumpkin, pineapple and black willow bark extracts. I kid you not - it smells so good to the point you may want to eat it! (But seriously don't...) I have been loving to use this to prep my skin a few hours before doing my makeup for an event and as of yet has not failed me! Check it out for yourself!

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