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I never used to look twice at volumising products - infact with a 'mane' of thick black hair, frizz and dullness were my main hair woes. Recently I found my hair looking more flat at the roots and definitely some well needed refreshing in between washes with my busy work schedule.

Swell boasts: 'Swell's unique all-natural formula gives you immediate and sustained volume (even with difficult to manage baby-fine hair) from day one.'

Time to put it the test!

The Swell Ultimate Volume 3-Step Kit contains a shampoo, conditioner and root spray. The slogan of this company if definitely 'less is more' and a small amount if definitely all you need. It smells incredible and is completely vegan and paraben free. The 3 step kit comes with a booklet packed with tips and advice. I personally have to say the root spray is definitely the winner in this trio. I have seen a definite improvement in the roots giving really noticeable volume when I spray this to my roots before blow drying my hair.

Dry shampoo has been a necessity - mainly in the summer months, Batiste has been an alltime favourite brand especially when I need a heavy handed refresher. The Swell Ultimate Volume Dry Shampoo is a finely milled powder that gives a softer touch-up which is perfect for the winter time and dissolves away seamlessly leaving no white marks. It is recommended to be used in conjunction with the Swell 3-step system for even better results. Its small size means it is great for carrying in your handbag

Step 1- Shake bottle before use and during use.Step 2- Focusing on the roots, gently pump to ensure fine powder application.
Step 3- Run hands through hair distribute product.
Step 4- Repeat as necessary.

After trying this product for a few weeks I can definitely recommend these products. They give a noticeable difference even after the first use and they make a great stocking filler this time of year!

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  1. Interesting blog, good information given about the hair care products.Thanks for sharing the blog.


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