Roger and Gallet Hand and Nail Cream


Roger and Gallet Hand and Nail cream definitely has a rich scented formula that is great for dry to very dry skin. Personally I would classify my skin as very dry and this leaves it feeling hydrated and perhaps even on the greasier side initially. The product boasts 8 hour hydration which I think is probably on the lenient side. However it is a very rich formula so I think would last longer than most. 

It contains Argan oil and evening primrose oil which are great for the skin. The packaging is cute and it's size definitely is very handy - great for on the go and to have in my pockets whilst on the wards!

However, the scent for me is quite strong and overpowering. It's a bit of a marmite situation. There are hints of orange blossom which some may love however I find it somewhat artificial and over powering. Secondly, one other drawback is personally it irritates my skin. I unfortunately have extremely sensitive skin and although I'm not sure what ingredient it is causing this, this makes this product a Nono for me. 

Have you tried this product? I would love to hear your thoughts - please leave a comment below!

Shivanee | The Skin and Beauty Blog


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