Om Skincare Pure Glow Cleanser Review

Om Skincare Pure Glow Cleanser Review
Om Skincare Pure Glow Cleanser

Om Skincare describes Om Skincare Pure Glow Cleanser as a gentle and deeply nourishing cleanser that doubles up as a make-up remover and deep cleansing treatment. It is formulated with Organic Aloe Vera, gentle extracts of Rosewood, and Sweet Orange extract to increase the production of collagen in the skin. Suitable for all skin types, balancing oily skin whilst re-hydrating dry skin.

Used with lukewarm water, this gel cleanser lathers moderately on the skin. On my combination skin, its one of those cleansers that leaves your skin feeling 'tight' and 'squeaky clean'. I find I have to reach out for my creams soon after using to get back some moisture.

Compared to micellar water cleansers, it is not so good at removing make up, especially eye makeup. I would use this as a second cleanser at night and as the first one in the morning after waking.

After a week of use, I am happy to report it is not comedogenic.

I would recommend Om Skincare Pure Glow Cleanser to individuals with normal to oily skin. I would avoid using this on dry, open, sensitive, eczematous skin as it has the potential to irritate. I perhaps wont repurchase this myself as I tend to go for milky cleansers as opposed to the more-drying gel-based ones.

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