Om Skincare No-Lines Nourishing Cream Review

Om Skincare No-Lines Nourishing Cream Review
Om Skincare No-Lines Nourishing Cream Review

Om Skincare No-Lines Nourishing Cream is a lightweight cream intended to fill in lines and wrinkles. Om Skincare suggests using this as an eye cream, on the nasolabial folds and forehead wrinkles as desired. It contains hyaluronic acid, seaweed, dill seed extract, witch hazel and soybean protein which act to firm and tighten skin.

It comes in such beautiful white and gold packaging that instantly lights up my dressing table. It comes in a handy sanitary pump dispenser with 15ml of product. Half a pump is sufficient to apply around both eyes.

To use, I would suggest applying on to clean skin with tapping motions, while avoiding dragging on the skin. It absorbs within 10 minutes and keeps the skin nourished for hours.

I would apply makeup around the 15-minute mark. It works well as a makeup base and does not clump concealers. With regards to undereye circles, there's a tightening and brightening effect that lasts for a few hours. I feel I do not have to apply undereye concealer when I use this. As for wrinkle treatment, I am fortunate not to have many yet, so this is difficult to tell. It feels like it would work well for wrinkle prevention.

I think this is works for individuals with normal to combination skin, and for those who have existing wrinkles or those who would like to prevent them. I would avoid using this on dry, open, sensitive, eczematous skin as some of the ingredients eg. witch hazel have a potential to irritate and inflame.

Overall I do like Om Skincare No-Lines Nourishing Cream (£55) as an eye cream and generally would recommend it. It will take me a few months to finish, we'll see if I would repurchase then.

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