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Red cherry lashes review

I have never been one to really wear false lashes. Apart for the occasional black tie event I have always preferred mascara. I found the lashes I had tried before had too thick bands making them look too unnatural and being inexperienced - very messy to handle!

Over the last few days I have been testing out some beautiful lashes sent to me by falseeyelashes.co.uk and I have to say I am in love and I am definitely going to be wearing more false lashes in the future.

The Red Cherry lashes are my favourite. The band is so thin and (after a bit of practice!) are so easy to apply. The thin band enables a really natural looking false lash that still can be exaggerated with the addition of mascara and liner.

The Wispy #WSP are absolutely stunning and I think these will definitely be my go-to lashes from now on. They have beautiful cross lashes giving a very pretty look. I got so many compliments with the lashes and wore them for a good 15-16 hours at beautycon, dinner and drinks and most of the time forgot I was even wearing them! (Yes they were that good) at the end of the night they still held beautifully in place and were not irritating my skin/eyes. 

Red Cherry Wispies #WSP lashes

The Stevi #43 lashes are straight cut fanned lashes are also great and are slightly more dramatic - great for events or nights out. I wore them at a wedding - again got many compliments. I found they too were barely noticeable, but slightly more than the #WSP (the right one was bothering me until I reapplied it after an hour - so probably more to do with my technique)

Red Cherry Stevie #43 lashes

The Ardell Demi Wispies  are definitely a cult favourite. I agree that they are flattering but I personally found them to be slightly heavy on the outer 1/3rd of the lash and with little extra volume. I found my lashes pre-mascara were almost coming to the edge. They are still beautiful lashes especially if you want a bit of volume and have shorter lashes naturally.

I also tested out the Rimmel Volume Colourist mascara in extreme black. This has been a favourite of mine in the past and has been great to rediscover. Plastic wands are my favourite in general and this mascara definitely does a good job of really separating the lashes whilst adding volume. Great to use with these lashes! The only drawback is the chunkiness of the lid which makes application very slightly more difficult.

All in all I would 100% recommend these lashes. falseeyelashes.co.uk is a great new company stocking so many different lash brands as well as mascara. There is no minimum spend for delivery which is great and I on google searching their prices are extremely competitive retailing for these lashes at just £3.99! They are also stocking the Morphe brushes coveted 35o palette - I must admit, I may be first in line to grab that when it is back in stock! And of course - more lashes!

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