TAG: My Husband Explains the Purpose of Makeup

The Purpose of Makeup in DH's Eyes

Laura's blog BuyNowBlogLater is one I frequent and she recently posted answers to this tag.

You basically present a list of makeup products to your partner and ask them to define its uses. It was interesting to hear her husband's answers, esp with special construction analogies.

I decided to take on the tag and see what my DH (cue geeky medic) had to say and what he casually osmosed up from bearing witness to my makeup obsession over the last decade. I'm actually surprised at his some of his ideas. Let's get crackin'.

Is that what you put over foundation? I don't know. To be fair I hardly wear primer!

It's what you use on your skin as a base to make it even.

You use it to give your skin a matte finish. Not always the look I was going for but hey!

It's to cover spots, blemishes and uneven skin pigment. Nice definition, I like it!

It's used to make you look more tanned. Do I use it? Not often. Yes I do, everyday!

It's what you wear to make your cheeks look rosy red. You don't need it though; you have a natural redness to your cheeks. Thanks love!

It's what you use on your nose to make it look bigger. Lol!

To make your lashes longer and fuller.

I find this the most peculiar thing that humans do. It's similar to what clowns wear. Does it make me look like a clown? Sometimes. Cheers...

Eye Liner
It's what is says, to line your eyes and make them more prominent.

Brow Pencil
To make your eyebrows look fuller and thicker.

To make your lips look more pink or red.

Setting Spray
What is that? To be fair I hardly use this too.

BB Cream
Is that Bobbi Brown's cream?

Good try!

He's done pretty well defining the products I use. Interesting to find out his outlook on the eyeshadow though. I wonder if other men think that way...

Try this tag with your other half, and keep a straight face! Let me know, I'd love to check out your answers.

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  1. Sometimes looking like a clown was NOT the right answer. Did he get a night on the couch for that one? At least his opinion on your bronzer use means you don't use too much!

    My guy gave immediate eyeliner advice - just to women in general, I think. I'm scared to really ask what he saw that made him think it was necessary.


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