MAC Hot Chocolate Lipstick from Vibe Tribe Collection

MAC Hot Chocolate Lipstick Review Swatches
MAC Hot Chocolate Lipstick Review
Still a MAC addict after all these years, I persistently gravitate towards beautiful limited edition packaging. This new lipstick I've picked up is from the recent MAC Vibe Tribe collection. A lipstick called Hot Chocolate - how could I not resist?

MAC Hot Chocolate Lipstick Review Swatches
MAC Hot Chocolate Lipstick Review
MAC Hot Chocolate Lipstick is not as hot chocolatey as I anticipated. It is a muted plum. I expected it to be a bit more brown than plum but nonetheless its such a unique shade, one that I don't have in my collection. It has a gorgeous creamy finish that sits well on the lips. Compared to other darker lippies, this one can be applied straight from the bullet rather than requiring a matching lip pencil. Ain't that handy?

The colour makes me think of summertimes in oversized sunnies and a black maxi dress. Perhaps this is also one that I can wear in the transition to autumn. I wouldn't say its particularly flattering on the teeth, but its not something a good bleaching kit can't fix.

It's unfortunate how MAC has garnered controversy and bad publicity regarding cultural appropriation in this collection. If MAC gave credit where it was due, this mess wouldn't have happened. But I suspect they might have expected this controversy however, I mean as a massive company, they should have seen this coming.

Did you pick up anything from this collection?

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