LVL Lash Treatment Review

London Lash Studio LVL Lash Treatment Review
London Lash Studio LVL Lash Treatment Review

Having naturally straight Oriental lashes, I've always been envious of my Indian and Afrocaribbean friends. Every now and then I catch myself staring at their mascara-less eyes, wishing I had that natural curl myself.

And then, thanks to the blogosphere, I discovered the lash lift. Quickly typing away 'lash lift' at Treatwell.co.uk, I searched for a reasonably well-reviewed lash expert and stumbled upon Jade from London Lash Studio and signed up for a treatment.

The procedure took about 50 minutes. The therapist meticulously treats your lashes while you relax lying semi-flat with closed eyes. I opted for a blanket for comfiness. There were short-lived ie half-to-one minute episodes of stinging, but the procedure itself was relatively painless.

I chose to get 'the biggest curl possible', that is my eyelashes are curled closest to the roots. As my eyelashes were noted to be quite long, she suggested going for 'the medium curl' but I persisted for the super one. Fifty minutes later I opened my eyes to the most fluttery lashes I've ever seen, and I felt so happy they were mine!

The curl is said to last between 6-8 weeks. Good aftercare is important to ensure they last longer. There is a patch test at least 24 hours before the actual treatment which I recommend you attend to ensure your skin doesn't create an allergic reaction to the reagents used.

As for my therapist herself, I highly recommend Jade. She was brilliant, straight-forward, fuss-free, and meticulous. Just the way I like people handling my eye area. And no, this post was not sponsored.

With my pre-curled lashes, my morning routine is so much quicker, with more time for a snooze and a healthy smoothie. Shisheido lash curler - see you in a couple of months!

Have you had an eyelash treatment before?

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