MAC 133 Brush Review

MAC 133 Brush Review
It takes a lot for me to purchase a new MAC brush these days, with all the cheaper more affordable and high quality brushes out there, the comparatively extortionate prices of MAC brushes make you easily think twice. I visited the MAC store intending to pick up a lipstick from the MAC Faerie Whispers Collection but after swatching the highlighters and then swiping the brushes on my hand, I picked up the MAC 133 Brush.

Sigma F15 Duo Fibre Brush, MAC 133 Brush, Real Techniques MultiTask Brush Review
I was very pleasantly surprised by this dinky little thing. The MAC 133 Brush is a super soft mini brush made of the white natural fibres. It is a lot smaller than my current go-to highlighter brush, the Sigma F15 Brush, a duo-fibre brush that applies a delicate amount of shimmer to the cheekbones. It is dome-shaped, a smaller version of the Real Techniques Multi-task Brush, which is my favourite for blush application. The MAC 133 Brush can be used for applying a sheer wash of colour on the eyes, but I find it is quite perfect for precise application of highlighter on the cheekbones. It hasn't shed so far with a few days of use and not at all scratchy on the skin.

MAC 133 Brush Review
I'm quite pleased with my purchase although £28 for a brush is a little steep. Care to share - What is your favourite highlighter brush?

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