Kylie Jenner Lips

My Attempt at Kylie Jenner Lips

Thanks to the popularity led by older half-sisters the Kardashians, the next generation of fashion inspirations - the Jenner sisters have taken the beauty world by storm. Kylie Jenner in particular, the younger of the two, is known for instagramming a full pout which is now revealed thanks to the help of a few mls of fillers. We shouldn't discount her makeup skills however, as a sister contour-queen sister, she too is experienced clever makeup trickery and lip-contour.

I've scoured the web for similar shades to achieve this pout. As her family is an avid lover of MAC I thought that would be the best place to start.

Kylie Jenner Lips
MAC Brave Lipstick and MAC Whirl Lip Pencil

In this look, I've used MAC Whirl Lip Pencil to line and fill the lips. It's a brown pink shade that would look good on everyone. I overl-lined my top lip - concentrating on the sides of the lips and avoiding the Cupid's bow to avoid that drag queen or 'I don't know how to apply lip liner look' that colouring over the Cupid's bow can give.

After lining I apply MAC Brave lipstick a creamy brown pink shade that is a few shades brighter than Whirl. To achieve the matte but luscious finish, tap over some translucent powder. I've used MAC Blot Powder here but any translucent powder would do.

Finish up with large fluttery false eyelashes and you're good to go. Don't forget to Instagram a few selfies Kardashians style.

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