New Hair meet Old Hair

Finally. I went for it. The big chop. I've been contemplating this decision for the last 6 months, but it has been put aside for growing my hair for the wedding, although in the end my wedding hair was all hidden up in a bun. 

It's only been two decades I've had my hair at least at armpit's length, but why have I only thought of this change now? That's perhaps because it is change. Something new. And new things always require an adjustment period I was afraid to take.

But funnily enough to get to this frame of mind the idea of change, something in me already had changed. I started to realise long hair always got in the way, of bag zips, doorknobs (yes I am petite and my hair was that long), messing my lipstick in the wind, clogging drains in the shower, that if not for events where I could flaunt my hair, it had always been up in a bun or ponytail. I had become more practical, possibly wiser, but definitely older. That's not to say getting the chop was easy. Until the time of my appointment I had doubts whether I could pull off the shorter hair style. 

On recommendation by the hubby, I had my hair cut by the lovely Junko at Keisuke Hair Artists Japanese hair salon in Acton. And I must say she was very good. She made me feel relaxed and at ease while she personalised my hair to suit my face shape, my personality (in the short span of time). We agreed on a style that was not too short and if I dared perhaps next time I could get a bob or try on a fringe.

Overall, I am enjoying the shorter cut. My hair feels a lot lighter, neck muscles feel better, hair care is a lot cheaper, and drying a lot quicker. It looks quite chic if I do say so myself.

I dare you to try out a shorter hair style. If it doesn't work, it will always grow back.

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