Pixi Product Review and Swatches (August Box)

Pixi is getting ready for the new season with these Fall essentials!

Pure Fuchsia (in white light)

Plum Berry (in white light)

Cat Eye Ink - 5/5
Cat Eye Ink is a jet black, felt tip eyeliner. It's slanted edge makes it easy to make a wing. This product made it's way to my make up bag. It is easy to use, highly pigmented, and long lasting. Bravo Pixi! (Check out our Fall Look featuring this product)

Endless Brow Gel Pen - 3.5/5
A little goes a long way with this product. Since it is a Gel pen, the formula is thick. It's texture almost feels like the MAC Feline eyeliner. I did not like how sticky it felt on my eyebrows. It was harder to shape and tame my hairs. But if you're looking for an eyebrow pen to last you the whole day (literally), this will be your best friend. (Check out our Fall Look featuring this product)

Pure Fuchsia Mattelustre Lipstick - 3/5
Pure Fuchsia is semi-sheer and semi-pigmented. It is comparable to MAC Madly Magenta in color, and so I have the same issues with regards to the shade of this lipstick. (See MAC Madly Magenta Mini-Review). What I love about this product is it's easy application and gorgeous finish. It's the best of both worlds: matte with just a little hint of shine.

Plum Berry Mattelustre Lipstick - 4.5/5
The it-color for Fall. Plum Berry has the same formula as Pure Fuchsia, yet it in a much more wearable color. I am in love with this lipstick! It makes lips look sweet and juicy. Just be wary of teeth stains.

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