Rimmel London Provocalips Kissproof Lip Colour Review

I always jump at the chance to try long-lasting makeup and that was the case with these Rimmel London Provocalips Kissproof Lip Colours. To be honest I acquired these a few months ago and have been using them intermittently, trying to make up my mind about them. I picked up three shades: I'll Call You, Play With Fire and Kiss Fatale.

These products are liquid lipsticks with one end being the product itself and the other end a clear gloss-like top coat. The liquid lipsticks are mildly shrink-wrap the lips, but a lot more comfortably than the old Maxfactor ones I tried and loathed in the past. I would definitely recommend using lip balm before application.

I find that applying straight from the tube can be quite tricky. If your lips have faint outlines like mine, I believe lining the lips with a lip pencil with a similar shade or one close to your natural lip colour helps.

This product claims to last 16 hours of wear, but realistically 1. Eating food which contain oils quickly break down the product, and 2. Apart from airline stewardesses, I doubt many would want their lipsticks to last that long.

Overall, I personally don't mind these; they are not my immediate go-to for lipsticks but they are reasonably priced from the drugstores and give my lips good coverage. However they do need touching up, especially after meals. Find my swatches below.

Rimmel Provocalips I'll Call You, a blush pink, great for everyday
Rimmel Provocalips Play With Fire Review Swatches
Rimmel Provocalips Play With Fire, a ruby red
Rimmel Provocalips Kiss Fatal, a wine berry which is similar to my own lip colour

Love it or Leave It? Which is your favourite shade?

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