Pixi Product Review (June-July Boxes)

We glow-loving ladies have always been fans of Pixi by Petra's Tinkerbell-fairy-themed products. As I make my rounds in the beauty section of Target, Pixi's luminous aisle always catches my attention. In the past two months, Pixi was so generous to send us some summer must-haves. The products are as follows:

This is a Bright Coral color with a hint of Gold Shimmer - perfect summer combination! It can look orange in sunlight. It's consistency is just right - not too watery, not too thick. Easy to apply.
Personally, it is not a color that I would buy. I am more of a toned-down, plain lacquer type of girl and this polish is a just a step down from being fluorescent. Nonetheless, it is still a fun wear.

This white loose powder comes in a compact attached to a little sponge (which reminds me of a powder puff) and a mirror on top, which makes for easy application. The product is light-weight and becomes invisible when applied. This is probably one of the best translucid powders I have tried as it prevented my make up from being sticky and heavy after hours in the sun (I was out and about for around 5 hours in sunny San Diego).

3 - Eye Bright Liner - 10/10
My favorite among the bunch! This pencil moved it's way up to my make up bag, dethroning my all time favorite MAC Ricepaper Eyeshadow. The product is pearly white and smooth, making it easy to apply. Perfect to line the waterlines and inner corners of the eyes. It also makes a good highlighter, as I also use it to brighten up other areas of my face. Bravo, Pixi!

4 - Makeup Fixing Mist - 7/10
This is probably the most beautiful among these products. It reminded me of those glowing lights in the trees you see in fairy movies. I does feel very refreshing when sprayed, but I found that it made my make up a little sticky.

I love Pixi's Silky Eye Pens. They're smooth and glide on your eyes like butter. Bronze Beam is metallic brown and you can see a hint gold shimmer under light. It is very pigmented. A little goes a long way with this pencil!

Also smooth and pigmented. It can well may be a cheaper alternative to MAC Feline Eye Pencil. Black Noir is the classic jet black eyeliner that make-up enthusiasts of all generations have deemed essential.

My second favorite among the bunch, which also moved it's way up to my make up bag. It's a loose powder that comes in the same compact as the translucid powder. This was the perfect shade for my NC35-NC40 face. Light as a feather; it does not make harsh contour lines like other bronzers do.

This reminded me of these "magic lipsticks" I had in my childhood, where the product is a completely different color when applied (e.g. my yellow lipstick turned red on my lips). Not a bad thing though; I found myself in the same state of awe when I applied this lip balm. This peppermint-flavored lip balm is comparable to the old Wet n' Wild Jumbo Juicy Lip Balms in texture. Although the color tint is not bad, there's just something about peppermint lip products that I dislike. 

Here's my summer-glow face using all the Pixi Products mentioned above, Loreal BB Cream, Etude Easy Brow Pencil, and Maybelline The Rocket Mascara.

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