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Hot pink has always been my favorite color. I grew up in the non-technological world of Barbie and Kelly, 
the latter now known as Chelsea *gasp*, which influenced my love and fascination for all things pink. It is no secret that Shocking/Hot Pinks and Magentas are hard to pull off. No matter how attractive they are, there are a lot of issues I encounter when trying on pink lipstick. Some make my teeth look yellow, some are too shocking they could pop an eye out, and some just do not compliment my NC35-40 skin tone at all. So here's a list of Hot Pinks that I have acquired over time and my thoughts on them:

Long-wear and extremely creamy. Color is cool-toned and more on the purple side than pink. It did not suit my skin tone at all and it was the kind that made my teeth look yellow. It also left stains on my lips and fingers.

Not a huge lip gloss user, but this color is definitely wearable either on top of lipstick or on it's own.

Beauty bloggers all over the internet have been raving about this one, and I completely agree with them. Candy Yum Yum is very versatile as it looks good on almost all skin tones. It is highly pigmented and dries on matte. If you were to own one barbie pink lipstick, I would recommend this one. 

MAC Candy Yum Yum

Part of the limited edition DressCamp Collection (2008). It has a Lustre finish - very sheer when applied but can be built up to a nice, flattering baby pink. Looks good on almost all skin tones.

If you do not wish to spend on Candy Yum Yum, Addis Ababa is another lippie that I highly recommend. It is probably one of the colors I have used the most in my beloved matte lip cream collection. Though the product can look intimidating at first, it is actually very wearable, even for us sun-kissed ladies. It dries on matte and leaves you with dolly pink lips.

NYX Addis Ababa

Huge fan of the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable lip stains. This did not disappoint in texture as it applied smoothly. Very sheer, you have to put layers upon layers to actually get to a solid color. Yet the color did not go well with my skin, and also left my teeth looking yellow.

I got this out of a whim, really. I wanted to try some lip art that required a shocking baby pink color and did not want to spend a lot. Naturally, I would go to the Wet n Wild section because their products are really inexpensive, but they are not at all tacky. The formula of this lipstick was too matte/dry for me. It would leave my lips flaky. I suggest you exfoliate and hydrate your lips before applying this one.

Sleek Makeup Amped Lipstick - 4/5 
I love Sleek's True Color Lipstick collection. Amped was my IT Pink Lipstick before having Candy Yum Yum, and can very well be a dupe for the latter. I found that it does not apply smoothly, but you sure end up with a beautiful pop of color on your lips. Though, you have to be daring enough to wear such an electric pink. Dries on matte.

Sleek Makeup Mauve Over Pout Paint - 2.5/5
The pout paints are just about the funnest lip products in my collection. You can pretty much make your own shades by mixing different colors together. This is one I would not wear by itself. It's a cool-toned color, similar to MAC Magenta, so my issues with it are the same. It also has a tendency to give you teeth stains. Liquid, Highly pigmented, Very thick lather.

Sleek Makeup Monte Carlo Pout Polish - 3/5
Sleek's pout polishes are nourishing and conditioning. I love how they feel on my lips. This color is very sheer, but I would not advise building it up. It will give you a nice subtle pink and leave your lips looking juicy!

What's your favorite pink lipstick?

Love it or Leave It? Leave a comment below!

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