No One Said It Would Be Essie

I am slowly gaining insight into my developing love for Essie nail polishes. 

Despite their inconsistent hit-and-miss formulas, there's something about those square bottles with the cute white tops that draws me in. They look so clean and tidy all lined up and the square shapes just looks great in storage.

Six more shades have found their way to my collection, mainly cream finishes with subdued hues as apart from reds, I don't usually wear brights.

Absolutely Shore is a pale greyish green in a cream finish. The formula firstly applies streaky but three coats make it look even.

Splash of Grenadine is a bright magenta with a cream finish although it looks more jelly and squishable than Absolutely Shore.

Borrowed & Blue is a pale cornflower blue with a cream finish. It's perfect to wear on gloomy rainy days.

Topless & Barefoot is a pale nude shade with a hint of rose. I was hoping to like this but feel it might be too pale for my skintone. Perhaps a more yellow-toned or a shade darker nude would suit me better. Any recommendations?

Eternal Optimist is an old rose with a cream finish. It applies a little gloopy. Try using thinner coats at a time to get this right.

Penny Talk is a lot less rose gold than I expected. Its a bronze metallic shade with a tiny smidge of pink. I fancy these on my twinkle toes.

The price difference of Essie polishes between the UK and the USA is quite surprisingly different (USA $8.00, UK £7.99) so I picked these up from an eBay seller in the USA, check out their store here. International shipping took about 1 week from payment which is actually pretty good.

For my next purchases, I am on the look out for a good Essie grey/taupe colour. Are there any shades you recommend?

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