Vichy Pureté Thermale 3-in-1 Calming Cleansing Micellar Solution Review
It's perfect timing I found this new micellar water cleanser from Vichy as I'd recently run out of my favourite Garnier. If you've had any experience with the original Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water, you'd find it was pretty good at removing non waterproof makeup, leaving your skin dirt-free without stripping out oils and moisture.

Vichy's take on the micellar water is very similar. A clean finish but I find leaves the skin more hydrated than Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. Although fragranced, it has not irritated my sensitive skin unlike the Vichy Idealia Range (link to review HERE). It smells of aloe vera/cucumber (not quite sure) which cools the skin and adds to that winding down effect we do as we are just getting into bed.

I keep this by my bedside for emergency use if I am unable to have time/energy to cleanse my face with water - which seems to be a regular occurence these days. 

I have to say that I love Vichy Pureté Thermale 3-in-1 Calming Cleansing Micellar Solution. I recommend it if you have sensitive skin. Despite its massive difference in price with my old favourite Garnier (£11 vs £3.29), Vichy's more moisturising and soothing properties make it a winner and I will perhaps repurchase this when it runs out.

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Vichy's Take on the Micellar Water Cleansing Solution

Hot pink has always been my favorite color. I grew up in the non-technological world of Barbie and Kelly, 
the latter now known as Chelsea *gasp*, which influenced my love and fascination for all things pink. It is no secret that Shocking/Hot Pinks and Magentas are hard to pull off. No matter how attractive they are, there are a lot of issues I encounter when trying on pink lipstick. Some make my teeth look yellow, some are too shocking they could pop an eye out, and some just do not compliment my NC35-40 skin tone at all. So here's a list of Hot Pinks that I have acquired over time and my thoughts on them:

Long-wear and extremely creamy. Color is cool-toned and more on the purple side than pink. It did not suit my skin tone at all and it was the kind that made my teeth look yellow. It also left stains on my lips and fingers.

Not a huge lip gloss user, but this color is definitely wearable either on top of lipstick or on it's own.

Beauty bloggers all over the internet have been raving about this one, and I completely agree with them. Candy Yum Yum is very versatile as it looks good on almost all skin tones. It is highly pigmented and dries on matte. If you were to own one barbie pink lipstick, I would recommend this one. 

MAC Candy Yum Yum

Part of the limited edition DressCamp Collection (2008). It has a Lustre finish - very sheer when applied but can be built up to a nice, flattering baby pink. Looks good on almost all skin tones.

If you do not wish to spend on Candy Yum Yum, Addis Ababa is another lippie that I highly recommend. It is probably one of the colors I have used the most in my beloved matte lip cream collection. Though the product can look intimidating at first, it is actually very wearable, even for us sun-kissed ladies. It dries on matte and leaves you with dolly pink lips.

NYX Addis Ababa

Huge fan of the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable lip stains. This did not disappoint in texture as it applied smoothly. Very sheer, you have to put layers upon layers to actually get to a solid color. Yet the color did not go well with my skin, and also left my teeth looking yellow.

I got this out of a whim, really. I wanted to try some lip art that required a shocking baby pink color and did not want to spend a lot. Naturally, I would go to the Wet n Wild section because their products are really inexpensive, but they are not at all tacky. The formula of this lipstick was too matte/dry for me. It would leave my lips flaky. I suggest you exfoliate and hydrate your lips before applying this one.

Sleek Makeup Amped Lipstick - 4/5 
I love Sleek's True Color Lipstick collection. Amped was my IT Pink Lipstick before having Candy Yum Yum, and can very well be a dupe for the latter. I found that it does not apply smoothly, but you sure end up with a beautiful pop of color on your lips. Though, you have to be daring enough to wear such an electric pink. Dries on matte.

Sleek Makeup Mauve Over Pout Paint - 2.5/5
The pout paints are just about the funnest lip products in my collection. You can pretty much make your own shades by mixing different colors together. This is one I would not wear by itself. It's a cool-toned color, similar to MAC Magenta, so my issues with it are the same. It also has a tendency to give you teeth stains. Liquid, Highly pigmented, Very thick lather.

Sleek Makeup Monte Carlo Pout Polish - 3/5
Sleek's pout polishes are nourishing and conditioning. I love how they feel on my lips. This color is very sheer, but I would not advise building it up. It will give you a nice subtle pink and leave your lips looking juicy!

What's your favorite pink lipstick?

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Our Picks: Hot Pink - Magenta Lip Products

I am slowly gaining insight into my developing love for Essie nail polishes. 

Despite their inconsistent hit-and-miss formulas, there's something about those square bottles with the cute white tops that draws me in. They look so clean and tidy all lined up and the square shapes just looks great in storage.

Six more shades have found their way to my collection, mainly cream finishes with subdued hues as apart from reds, I don't usually wear brights.

Absolutely Shore is a pale greyish green in a cream finish. The formula firstly applies streaky but three coats make it look even.

Splash of Grenadine is a bright magenta with a cream finish although it looks more jelly and squishable than Absolutely Shore.

Borrowed & Blue is a pale cornflower blue with a cream finish. It's perfect to wear on gloomy rainy days.

Topless & Barefoot is a pale nude shade with a hint of rose. I was hoping to like this but feel it might be too pale for my skintone. Perhaps a more yellow-toned or a shade darker nude would suit me better. Any recommendations?

Eternal Optimist is an old rose with a cream finish. It applies a little gloopy. Try using thinner coats at a time to get this right.

Penny Talk is a lot less rose gold than I expected. Its a bronze metallic shade with a tiny smidge of pink. I fancy these on my twinkle toes.

The price difference of Essie polishes between the UK and the USA is quite surprisingly different (USA $8.00, UK £7.99) so I picked these up from an eBay seller in the USA, check out their store here. International shipping took about 1 week from payment which is actually pretty good.

For my next purchases, I am on the look out for a good Essie grey/taupe colour. Are there any shades you recommend?

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No One Said It Would Be Essie

Vichy has recently released its eye catching and beautifully packaged Idealia range that definitely stands out in drugstores. This range is meant to restore and regenerate overstressed and overexposed skin. The pink and silver reflective packaging really draws attention. They look so beautiful that I felt I had to try them out.

Vichy Idealia Life Serum is meant to brighten and restore radiance to your complexion. It comes in a fantastic pump dispenser that gives you just the right amount for a whole face. When swatched it is mostly white with a subtle reflective pink-gold duochrome sheen, similar to MAC Rebel Lustre Drops. On the skin I find it hardly moisturises however and that my rough patches are no different (may be even worse). It is quite highly fragranced so I would not recommend this on sensitive skin. Overall I have not seen any improvement in the quality of my skin using this so I will sadly not repurchase.

Vichy Idealia Skin Sleep Recovery Night Gel-Balm is a night treatment meant to repair and regenerate dull skin overnight by improving microcirculation and barrier function of the skin. It comes in a pot (unhygienic!) although with a delightful mirror at the top of the lid (genius!). I find in the mornings that my skin does look brighter but I'm not sure whether that's because I've had some rest or because of this product. I tend to sleep like a log and I do try to get a good 8 hours' sleep when possible. Again like the life serum above, it is fragranced and does not really help with my skin's texture and perhaps I would not repurchase.

I really wanted to love these but unfortunately as they don't seem to do much for me I cannot recommend them.

Have you tried this Vichy Idealia Range?

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Vichy Idealia Skin Sleep and Serum Review

Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion
Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion
You could probably hear my squeal from the next door flat as I opened this gift from Aveeno: hair Goddess Jennifer Aniston's skincare secret Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion housed in a personalised canvas makeup bag with an artistic huge 'L' on the front. 

I remember my early days battling itchy dry skin, cue unforgettable #chickenpox nightmare from twenty years ago. My mum, an astute Dermatologist, turned to her stores of Aveeno creams with oatmeal to instantly soothe and moisturise our itchy skin. Since then I've never forgotten the moisturising calming itch-reducing powers of Aveeno and resort to this brand when my dry skin became in dire need of well, moisture.

Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion contains active colloidal oatmeal formula to replenish the skin's natural barrier to help soothe dry skin. It is fast absorbing, non-greasy and leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and healthy. In line with La-Roche Posay, Eucerin, and Avene, Aveeno is one of my favourite go-to brands for skincare especially for sensitive skin.

The Aveeno team have invited me to be involved in the blogger challenge themed #AveenoSkincareSecrets by sharing my top skincare secret and tagging a fellow blogger who might like to take part. I tag Fei from to share a skincare secret for keeping flawless and blemish-free. You can also become involved on twitter by sharing your skincare secrets with the blogger community using the hashtag #AveenoSkincareSecrets.

I love sharing beauty tips and I have not one but 7 to share with you today.

Here are my top tips to get clear smooth and soft skin:

1. Use a cleansing milk for daily face washes. Avoid using abrasive cleansers eg. exfoliators or limit their use to a maximum of once weekly.

2. Apply moisturiser on slightly damp skin. This enables your skin to easily and more quickly absorb moisturiser.

3. Use SPF containing products every day before going out into the sun for sun protection.

4. Avoid scented products as these commonly cause irritant dermatitis that manifests as rough patches of skin or even as little itchy bumps.

5. Wash your makeup brushes regularly especially foundation and face brushes to prevent the build up of bacteria and consequently acne formation.

6. Wash your bed covers especially pillow covers regularly for the same reason.

7. If you have itchy dry skin, I would recommend this Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion in a heartbeat.

If you fancy a personalised wash bag like mine, it is available from

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My #AveenoSkincareSecrets

We glow-loving ladies have always been fans of Pixi by Petra's Tinkerbell-fairy-themed products. As I make my rounds in the beauty section of Target, Pixi's luminous aisle always catches my attention. In the past two months, Pixi was so generous to send us some summer must-haves. The products are as follows:

This is a Bright Coral color with a hint of Gold Shimmer - perfect summer combination! It can look orange in sunlight. It's consistency is just right - not too watery, not too thick. Easy to apply.
Personally, it is not a color that I would buy. I am more of a toned-down, plain lacquer type of girl and this polish is a just a step down from being fluorescent. Nonetheless, it is still a fun wear.

This white loose powder comes in a compact attached to a little sponge (which reminds me of a powder puff) and a mirror on top, which makes for easy application. The product is light-weight and becomes invisible when applied. This is probably one of the best translucid powders I have tried as it prevented my make up from being sticky and heavy after hours in the sun (I was out and about for around 5 hours in sunny San Diego).

3 - Eye Bright Liner - 10/10
My favorite among the bunch! This pencil moved it's way up to my make up bag, dethroning my all time favorite MAC Ricepaper Eyeshadow. The product is pearly white and smooth, making it easy to apply. Perfect to line the waterlines and inner corners of the eyes. It also makes a good highlighter, as I also use it to brighten up other areas of my face. Bravo, Pixi!

4 - Makeup Fixing Mist - 7/10
This is probably the most beautiful among these products. It reminded me of those glowing lights in the trees you see in fairy movies. I does feel very refreshing when sprayed, but I found that it made my make up a little sticky.

I love Pixi's Silky Eye Pens. They're smooth and glide on your eyes like butter. Bronze Beam is metallic brown and you can see a hint gold shimmer under light. It is very pigmented. A little goes a long way with this pencil!

Also smooth and pigmented. It can well may be a cheaper alternative to MAC Feline Eye Pencil. Black Noir is the classic jet black eyeliner that make-up enthusiasts of all generations have deemed essential.

My second favorite among the bunch, which also moved it's way up to my make up bag. It's a loose powder that comes in the same compact as the translucid powder. This was the perfect shade for my NC35-NC40 face. Light as a feather; it does not make harsh contour lines like other bronzers do.

This reminded me of these "magic lipsticks" I had in my childhood, where the product is a completely different color when applied (e.g. my yellow lipstick turned red on my lips). Not a bad thing though; I found myself in the same state of awe when I applied this lip balm. This peppermint-flavored lip balm is comparable to the old Wet n' Wild Jumbo Juicy Lip Balms in texture. Although the color tint is not bad, there's just something about peppermint lip products that I dislike. 

Here's my summer-glow face using all the Pixi Products mentioned above, Loreal BB Cream, Etude Easy Brow Pencil, and Maybelline The Rocket Mascara.

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Pixi Product Review (June-July Boxes)

MAC Matte Lipsticks in D for Danger, All Fired Up, Ruby Woo, Tropic Tonic, Kinda Sexy, Runway Hit, Flat Out Fabulous Review Swatches
MAC Matte Lipsticks in D for Danger, All Fired Up, Ruby Woo, Tropic Tonic, Kinda Sexy, Runway Hit, Flat Out Fabulous Review Swatches

I love it when MAC repromotes existing products in their new collections. There are so many beautiful shades that tend to be overlooked when brand new shiny limited edition products come in and during re-promotes, the existing shades are given the opportunity to shine - or in this case mattify.

MAC Matte Lipsticks in D for Danger, All Fired Up, Ruby Woo, Tropic Tonic, Kinda Sexy, Runway Hit, Flat Out Fabulous Review Swatches
MAC Matte Lipsticks in D for Danger, All Fired Up, Ruby Woo, Tropic Tonic, Kinda Sexy, Runway Hit, Flat Out Fabulous Review Swatches
I've got 7 shades here to share with you. This collection made me realise the distinction between two types of matte - modern matte and retro matte. Modern matte finishes are delicious, smooth and creamy with a hint of a sheen. Think satin but a little bit drier. Retro matte finishes, you don't want to mess with. These hard pellets need a perfectly smooth and moisturised base or your flaws will be exposed. The lighter shades are more unforgiving as darker ones can conceal flakiness.
D for Danger. This is a deep cranberry shade with a modern matte finish. I was tossing between this or Studded Kiss lipstick but its pinker tone was more brightening, flattering on the skin. Love.

MAC Matte Lipsticks in D for Danger, All Fired Up, Ruby Woo, Tropic Tonic, Kinda Sexy, Runway Hit, Flat Out Fabulous Review Swatches
MAC Matte Lipsticks in D for Danger, All Fired Up, Ruby Woo, Tropic Tonic, Kinda Sexy, Runway Hit, Flat Out Fabulous Review Swatches

All Fired Up is a cabaret pink with a retro matte finish. It is brighter than D for Danger although in the same colour family.

Ruby Woo a MAC classic is a cerise red with a retro matte finish. Incredibly drying but the shade lasts a long time and makes the lips look like red velvet.

Tropic Tonic is a sunglo coral with a modern matte finish.

Kinda Sexy is not kinda sexy, its pure sexy! It's a nude rose with a modern matte finish. 

Runway Hit is a seashell pink with a retro matte finish. It is stunning but unforgiving on flaky lips.

Flat Out Fabulous is a hibiscus pink with a retro matte finish. Ultraflattering on the teeth, making them appear whiter than they are.

MAC Matte Lipsticks in D for Danger, All Fired Up, Ruby Woo, Tropic Tonic, Kinda Sexy, Runway Hit, Flat Out Fabulous Review Swatches
MAC Matte Lipsticks in D for Danger, All Fired Up, Ruby Woo, Tropic Tonic, Kinda Sexy, Runway Hit, Flat Out Fabulous Review Swatches

So these are my top 7 of the list of the "new" mattes. Perhaps when I muster more courage I might pick up the more daring of the lot - Instigator, Royal Blue and Men Love Mystery

I'm still contemplating on Whirl, I love the lip pencil but the lipstick just looks too unnaturally brown on my lips. What do you think?

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MAC Matte Lipstick Collection Review, Swatches!

Curious about trying the trendy Origins Skincare for the longest time, I picked up this set of four minis from Boots. I was firstly surprised by the fragrant aromas of these products, which on one hand is quite calming and soothing, on the other hand definitely not for the most sensitive of skins. 

Origins GinZing Energy-Boosting Moisturizer is a lightweight moisturiser for the face. I say lightweight as effects don't last long and helps during the sweaty summer months, but perhaps will not be of much use for the cold winter. I do like the energising spicy fragrance of ginger although I know this is perhaps not good for sensitive skin.

Origins Checks and Balances, Frothy Face Wash. You only need a tiny smear of product on your palm to wash a full face. Apply on to damp skin and swirl to make a lather. The spearmint and lavender add to that soothing feeling.  It makes the skin feel squeaky clean and dry without flaking. Moisturiser is a must with this one!

Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask. This face mask works well to draw out impurities leaving soft and comfortable. It is quite drying so I wont recommend placing this all over your face and placing only on oily patches eg. the T-zone. Dry skins - stay clear from this one.

Origins Modern Friction Gentle Dermabrasion. This scrub contains rich starch which is less abrasive than usual microdermabrasion scrubs with aluminum oxide crystals. It foams up well when used on the face. I am not usually a fan of facial scrubs as I feel they make dry patches look worse than better and this product has not convinced me otherwise.

Overall I am quite impressed by my tasting of Origins Skin Care with products that generally do what they say on the tin. Just be warned - their products are not  fragrance-free hence you will have to be careful with irritant contact dermatitis, which can occur in the short term or long term even in individuals with normal skins.

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Origins Skincare Review

KC Professional Color Mask Shampoo is a shampoo developed especially for coloured hair. Its gentle SLS and SLES free formula, conditioning ingredients and balanced pigment keep your hair radiant right up until the next colouring.

Hair colour fading is mostly caused by the mechanical strain placed on the hair during washing as well as chemical strains by ingredients in shampoos which cleanse and condition the hair.

KC Professional Color Mask Shampoo protects the hair from pigment loss by preventing the two points above as well as by replacing and adding pigment keeping hair radiant.

I have it in the shade Brown. The shampoo itself is quite dark and runny. I rub it between the palms of my hands and smooth through my hair. It creates a little lather depending on how much product you put. Make sure to rinse well and run water on the walls to remove excess pigment splattered on your shower surfaces. This is one of those shampoos that leaves a 'squeaky clean feel' to the hair and scalp which I do appreciate.

KC Professional Color Mask Shampoo (launching in September 2015) comes in 4 shades, I recommend picking the shade closest to your current hair colour to make it look natural and get the most of using this shampoo.

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KC Professional Color Mask Shampoo Review

I've finally tried the Silk Fibre Brow Enhancer (£19.99) which I was curious about for the longest time. Available from Boots in four colours, I picked out the shade in Dark for my almost-black brows.

The product comes with a doe foot applicator wand tightly screwed into a pot that contains the powdery fibres. It gets quite messy when the applicator comes out as with a little puff of powder the fibres start flying all over the place. I would recommend lightly tapping out excess then drawing and filling in your eyebrows. The powder sets within a minute and lasts through the day.

I suggest using this product first before applying face makeup followed by a quick wipe as there is quite a lot of fall out and you wouldnt want dirt-like dust all over your face.

The doe foot applicator lacks precision which can make it a little difficult to draw on skinny brows, but for the Cara Delevigne look this will work nicely.

Overall despite my excitement for this Silk Fibre Brow Enhancer, I find this only works for when you've got a lot of time to doodle with your makeup. For daily wear I perhaps wont get much use out of this due to the extra time and work dealing with the fallout. It is available from Boots at £19.99 each.

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Silk Fibre Brow Enhancer Review!

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