Too Too Hot and a little Blanc with Essie Nail Polishes!

Every time I pop into a medium-sized Boots I always gravitate towards that little Essie corner and be on the look out for any polishes that catches my attention. On this visit I was drawn to this duo with the pretty strawberries on the box packaging, which consists of Too Too Hot and Blanc. I felt these two would make great summer nail varnishes and would also double up well for the Christmas season (just thinking ahead you know, although we haven't hit the -ber months yet).

Essie Too Too Hot Nail Polish

I do love a lil red on my peds and so I love this nail polish. It is a sizzling red with a hint of coral thrown in. The formula is fantastic, streak free, fully opaque in one coat. Using on the feet, I like to apply a top coat on top to help them last longer as toenails grow the slowest. It's been 2 weeks so far and its still looking good!

Essie Blanc Nail Polish

The perfect white nail polish is soo hard to find. Formulas are usually stubborn, streak-prone and I'm afraid that's what Essie Blanc is. It is a good cream finish white shade but I find it so difficult to apply without streaking. I've worn it in two coats here. From a far it looks alright but up close it would be difficult to restrain from thinking about how streaky it is, although my other half likes the shade and thinks its sexy!

What do you think about these Essie nail polishes?

 And have you found the perfect white nail polish?

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  1. Too Too Hot is an amazing colour in my opinion! Making my day a little brighter during this gloomy and rainy 'summer' weather :) Great post!

    Valérie | Moonlit Stories


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