Tarting Up with Tarte Blushes

I am excited to say that I have two new additions to my lil 'ol Tarte collection of now three. Thanks to my sister Shannon from California, I managed to get my grubby hands on another two long wearing blushes. Let's get started!

Tarte Tipsy Blush

I would say perhaps this is the second most popular Tarte blush (the first being Exposed reviewed HERE). Tipsy is a very bright coral orange reminiscent of MAC Vegas Volt Lipstick but in blush form. It can easily be sheered out to create a summery peachy glow that enhances any bit of tan you possess.

Tarte Glisten Blush

I'm slowly getting back into shimmery blushes and where best to start than with a peachy gold blush. These shades are particularly flattering on olive tones and the jaundice of skintones. They create a beautiful sheen on the cheeks, most noticeable on movement. Be careful with application though to avoid looking like a glitter bomb. Apply light and build.

Being unavailable in the UK, Tarte helps me exercise my self control, otherwise my Tarte collection will probably the size of my MAC stash.... 

I am looking for my next potential Tarte target, do you have any suggestions?

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  1. These are both beautiful! It's such a shame that they aren't more readily available in the UK as I'd love to try them out after hearing SOOOO many good things about these x


  2. I've got glisten last year and I love it. it's really flattering on almost every skintone.
    Love from Germany

  3. I've tried proactive from time to time, but each time it'll clear it up but then my acne comes back worse :( Which I had better results. I can so agree with you it is drying.

  4. I have Tipsy and I'm in love with it. One of my favorite blushes from them!

  5. Tarte's blushes are just so, so stunning!


  6. aisyahdecullen26 July 2015 at 06:56

    such stunning photos :D I have yet to own a Tarte blush yet


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