Every time I pop into a medium-sized Boots I always gravitate towards that little Essie corner and be on the look out for any polishes that catches my attention. On this visit I was drawn to this duo with the pretty strawberries on the box packaging, which consists of Too Too Hot and Blanc. I felt these two would make great summer nail varnishes and would also double up well for the Christmas season (just thinking ahead you know, although we haven't hit the -ber months yet).

Essie Too Too Hot Nail Polish

I do love a lil red on my peds and so I love this nail polish. It is a sizzling red with a hint of coral thrown in. The formula is fantastic, streak free, fully opaque in one coat. Using on the feet, I like to apply a top coat on top to help them last longer as toenails grow the slowest. It's been 2 weeks so far and its still looking good!

Essie Blanc Nail Polish

The perfect white nail polish is soo hard to find. Formulas are usually stubborn, streak-prone and I'm afraid that's what Essie Blanc is. It is a good cream finish white shade but I find it so difficult to apply without streaking. I've worn it in two coats here. From a far it looks alright but up close it would be difficult to restrain from thinking about how streaky it is, although my other half likes the shade and thinks its sexy!

What do you think about these Essie nail polishes?

 And have you found the perfect white nail polish?

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Too Too Hot and a little Blanc with Essie Nail Polishes!

I am excited to say that I have two new additions to my lil 'ol Tarte collection of now three. Thanks to my sister Shannon from California, I managed to get my grubby hands on another two long wearing blushes. Let's get started!

Tarte Tipsy Blush

I would say perhaps this is the second most popular Tarte blush (the first being Exposed reviewed HERE). Tipsy is a very bright coral orange reminiscent of MAC Vegas Volt Lipstick but in blush form. It can easily be sheered out to create a summery peachy glow that enhances any bit of tan you possess.

Tarte Glisten Blush

I'm slowly getting back into shimmery blushes and where best to start than with a peachy gold blush. These shades are particularly flattering on olive tones and the jaundice of skintones. They create a beautiful sheen on the cheeks, most noticeable on movement. Be careful with application though to avoid looking like a glitter bomb. Apply light and build.

Being unavailable in the UK, Tarte helps me exercise my self control, otherwise my Tarte collection will probably the size of my MAC stash.... 

I am looking for my next potential Tarte target, do you have any suggestions?

Love it or Leave It? Leave a comment below!

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Tarting Up with Tarte Blushes

If you know anyone who has battled with acne or if you live in America and haven't been sheltered from commercial TV advertising, you would have heard of Proactiv. This super-giant skincare brand from Rodan and Fields with models such as Adam Levine and Nicole Scherzinger (pardon if I've spelt that incorrectly) uses salicylic acid as their main ingredient in fighting acne. 

I have a couple from the range being Step 1: Skin Smoothing Exfoliator and Step 2: Pore Targeting Treatment Face Cream which I would like to review for you today.

Of course skin care is individual and dependent on your skin type. I have combination skin with an oily T-zone and dry cheeks. I tend to get mild acne: with a blackheads on my nose, then a few white heads on my forehead and the occasional cystic spot.

Proactiv Skin Smoothing Exfoliator Facial Cleanser is a physical exfoliator with micro-beads which work to scrub the skin. I like this exfoliator as it is not as rough as the others (ironic I know!) and seems to smoothen my skin gently.

Proactiv Pore Targeting Treatment Facial Cream is used after the exfoliator and I recommend just applying this on the oily areas e.g. T-zone. I especially use this on my nose. The salicylic acid keeps the oil at bay. There is a tightening sensation which may or may not be pleasant depending on your sensitivities to these things. I would recommend only using a minimal amount to avoid too much acidity and dryness on the skin.

I would suggest this skincare range for people with oily skin types as the drying qualities would help. But for the acne prone with drier or rough skin, I would suggest a more moisturising facial regime and targeted acne treatments or 'spot-correcting' for example with products containing benzoyl peroxide rather than using a topical acne treatment for the whole face.

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ProActiv with ProActiv Skincare - A Review

B. Fixed Eyeshadow Primer, B. Glowing Shimmer Block Blush, B. Glowing Shimmer Block Bronze, B. Glowing Shimmer Block Peach, B. Cappuccino Lipstick Review & Swatches

With the myriad of beauty products in the drugstores I seem to have overlooked B. makeup and skincare with its simple understated non-flashy packaging. B., for beautiful, features easy-to-use very familiar products to the most of us while also being Cruelty Free and Vegan. It's design and concept are said to be under the wing of beauty giant Estee Lauder. Perusing the aisles of Superdrug I picked up a few products which are perfect for the warm summer season.

When I think of summer I imagine a gorgeous glow with highlighters galore, long wearing eye makeup and creamy nude lips, and thats exactly what I have here from B.

I have 3 B. Glowing Shimmer BlocksB. Fixed Eyeshadow Primer and B. Rich Intense Colour Lipstick to share with you today.

The B. Glowing Shimmer Blocks are essentially round versions of Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks. Each shade has its glowy theme with 5 colours in each. These are great multitaskers. Dip the brush in the darker side to create a glowy blush and use the lighter end for highlight. With a small brush eg mac, you can pick up the individual shades to use on the eyes.  I have Blush 196, Bronze 108 and Just Peachy 161.

B. Glowing Shimmer Block Blush (£8.99) swirls up to a midtone pink with a silver frost. Somehow this reminds me of MAC Petticoat MSF. 

B. Glowing Shimmer Block Bronze (£8.99) swirls to a gorgeous gorgeous yellow toned peachy brown shade. It's a summer must have. Swirl on the cheeks for a bronze glow or highlight and separate shades on the eyes.

B. Glowing Shimmer Block Just Peachy (£8.99) surprised me. It looks pretty Blah in the pan but swirled, oh my! Its a beautiful pink shade with a golden sheen. It has a lot more pink than NARS orgasm and similar shades. It reminds me of MAC Creme de la Femme lipstick but in blush form.

B. Fixed Eyeshadow Primer (£8.99) is a silicone based eye primer that applies in a yellow nude shade and spreads to an almost transparent satin finish. It is dermatologically and ophthalmologically approved for those with sensitive skin and eyes. It has a greasy oily feel that does not appear to hold eyeshadow well in the warm sweaty summer but perhaps it might be better in the winter. Lads and ladies with oily eyelids should avoid this, but the those with drier skins might benefit from it.

B. Rich Intense Colour Lipstick in Cappuccino 51 (£7.99). The first two words come to mind: Clever packaging.  The tubes are similar to Chanel lipsticks with a 'pop-in-out' feature to avoid the disaster of the lipstick opening in your bag. Cappuccino is a beautiful nude rose. It is super creamy and moisturising and it applies effortlessly on the lips. I might have to check out a few more of these lipsticks.

B. Fixed Eyeshadow Primer, B. Glowing Shimmer Block Blush, B. Glowing Shimmer Block Bronze, B. Glowing Shimmer Block Peach, B. Cappuccino Lipstick Review & Swatches

My two favourites are definitely B. Glowing Shimmer Block Bronze and B. Rich Intense Colour Cappuccino Lipstick. They will get a lot of use in the summer!

Thank you beautiful brown eyed Haifayh from Superdrug for giving me the opportunity to review these products.

Love it or Leave It? Leave a comment below!

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