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I rushed after work to attend the Stylist's Meet and Greet event with Bobbi Brown and Kate Upton last week, did any of you go there too? It was my first time to meet the great Bobbi and I was very keen to hear her voice, thoughts and a glimpse into the inspirational life she leads.

It is Bobbi's 25th year of working in the industry this year and with all her experience she's developed her belief of feeling good and empowering yourself.

I love hearing about people's pasts and origins. She recollected an early experience where she a young girl went to a makeup counter and was criticised for her features (thin lips, deep set eyes), leaving the counter feeling worse than when she went in. This is perhaps a story that would resonate with most of us.

She's found inspiration in a beauty icon with similar features to hers, Ali MacGraw, famous for her brown eyes and straight brown locks; very different from today’s fake tanned blue-eyed blondes.

Now I realize why her makeup range is often about the same neutral, semi-sheer shades. Her makeup is all about ‘natural beauty’, making the most of what you have and celebrating it. She absolutely hates contouring as it ‘changes’ your features, hence there isn’t and probably wouldn’t be one of those ‘limited edition contouring collections’ from Bobbi Brown.

She is 58 and attributes her youthful looks to a healthy lifestyle. She drinks plenty of water and loves to walk for exercise. She carries food supplements and trainers in her bag to use at every opportunity.

When asked about her choice of model and muse, she admires Kate Upton’s healthy body image, that she is not the typical skinny supermodel. She looks after herself well and works out four times a week with boxing or yoga.

Her favourite products include her corrector which gives the appearance of having the extra hours of sleep as well as her extra balm which removes makeup, rehydrates and revitalizes the skin.

As well her full time job with an international beauty brand, she also looks after her three sons. I can't imagine what her life must be like, what a superwoman!

Congratulations Bobbi Brown on your 25th year in beauty and please continue to inspire women all over the world!

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  1. Saraya Callewaert4 May 2015 at 00:34

    WoW Beautyfull Colour <3

  2. The Jewel Beauty4 May 2015 at 19:03

    Looks amazing! I really want that 'Beauty Emergency Kit' Makeup bag!

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