Activbod Post-Exercise Skin Care Review!

I usually steer clear from gyms as my poor exercise endurance makes me self conscious when surrounded by fit people. Play me a lil El Amor El Amor though and you'll be surprised to see me own the floor with my Zumba moves - the beat of the music distracts me from listening to my aching muscles, feeling rising pulse rates, shortness of breath, and all that sweat and grime. After getting over the release of work out endorphins however the general unpleasant-ness sets in.

Enter Activbod, a specially designed skin care line to aid post-workout recovery allowing you to celebrate being healthy and active. This skin care line is advocated by a number of athletes - link to their quick reviews HERE. I've tried a few Activbod products. On first impressions, I love the practical lightweight flip top tubes and the bright neon green - you can't miss it! These products are also not tested on animals which is great.

My individual reviews below:

This travel friendly lightweight shower gel has an energising blend of sea minerals, green tea extract and almond oil work to cleanse the skin. It has a refreshing eucalyptus fragrance. It needs very damp wet skin to make it easier to glide on, it is quite thick for a shower gel, a little sticky somewhat and makes it difficult to lather. It is not particularly moisturising so I would definitely recommend a moisturiser after.

This deep cleansing body scrub exfoliates away dirt, pores and stimulate circulation. It has salicylic acid which cleans and fights against acne. The base of this body scrub is similar to the shower concentrate above also - it has a thick consistency and I find it difficult to spread the product evenly for a good scrub. It is quite concentrated with fine grains that I find might be a little rough on the skin.

This lightweight cooling lotion actually feels more like a gel. It contains cooling menthol that relaxes the muscles while providing light moisturisation. It is non sticky and fast drying revealing smooth skin. As a moisturiser it isn't the best for the cold season, but it works well to soothe those aching muscles.

Give me a latino beat and within minutes, I'm into it. I love the feeling of breaking a sweat, somehow it makes me feel healthier and prouder of myself. Out of these three, I would recommend the Activbod Cooling Finish Lotion to soothe those post-exercise muscles. For good a shower however I feel you could look elsewhere for more moisturising better quality products.

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