WOW Facial Mask Treatments Review!

WOW Facial Mask Treatments Review

Perhaps one of the most expensive face masks I've been given the opportunity to try, the WOW Mask (£99.99 per pack of 5) is a luxury facial mask that's primed to fight the ageing process. After much extensive research in skin rejuvenation by Swiss Scientists (Institute Hyalual Switzerland), the WOW mask was born. Its active ingredients are Hyaluronic Acid, Argireline and the RMCP-complex to revitalise the skin.

Product Claims:

Brighten the skin
Stimulate stem cells
Protect from UV damage
Reduce dynamic and deep wrinkles
Improve skin elasticity
Smooth skin structure
Moisturise the skin
Provide a lifting effect

On hearing about the WOW Mask, I could not help but feel excited to try it and yet be sceptical and think "What's all the fuss over a home face mask?" "How can it be so different from the rest?"

WOW Facial Mask Treatments Review

First Thoughts

When I removed the product from the silver packaging I was met with a slimey slippery puzzle. I peeled off the two plastic sheets leaving a moist jelly mask. Is this in half? And yes it was. Which one goes where? The top half has holes for the eyes and goes over your forehead down to your nose and cheeks, the bottom half has holes for your mouth and goes around your mouth and to your jaw.

It's a bit fiddly to apply at first as the mask likes to slip off your face. I applied them on clean skin with my face slightly at an angle looking at the ceiling - top one first and smoothened it out with the fingers. I then applied the bottom and spread the same way.

WOW Facial Mask Treatments Review

On the skin WOW Mask feels like a cool moist gel. The cooling effect lasts up to 30 minutes or so. They recommend wearing the mask for at least 20-40 minutes, the longer the better, so I left it on for the full 40 minutes whilst reading Stylist Magazine on my ipad mini.

So Does it Deliver?

With 8 fantastic claims and that hefty price tag, we sure want to know if it delivers.

Once the WOW Mask was removed, my face felt well-moisturised but also quite sticky. It had not dried as I expected it to. After 10 minutes of waiting for it to dry I gave up and decided to give my face a little rinse with water and pat it dry.

I excitedly turned to the mirror. My face looked refreshed and rehydrated. It gave me a healthier plumping effect on the cheeks.

The other half commented that my face looked brighter, fresher!

And these effects were still noticeable by the next morning.

Does this stimulate stem cells, protect from UV damage, reduce dynamic and deep wrinkles? 

Although they claim that the unique way in which WOW mask allows Hyaluronic Acid and Argireline to interact with one another and be absorbed, ensuring the benefits of each treatment last for up to three months, it is impossible to tell. 24 hours after using the mask, my face appeared like it was before. Perhaps these benefits don't last long with just a single use. It is recommended that you use the WOW Mask every 5-7 days although it can be used as often as you like. It does seem to be effective in the short term, however splurging £99.99 on a pack of 5 face masks every month is a little out of my budget. If I had this money and was really concerned about anti-aging, I would rather go with medical-grade procedures from a Dermatologist's clinic instead.

Having said that, if you're looking for a luxury pamper and pick me up, I would definitely recommend WOW Mask. It's one of those face masks that's worth a try - at least once! Share the pack with your sister or friend. Its anti-aging and lifting properties would also make this an excellent present for Mother's Day!

Thank you Josie for giving me the opportunity to try this fantastic product!

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