ELLE, Clarins and Benefit Off-Day Treats

Don't you just love a day off work? After working for the last 7 consecutive days, I've got my half day off work today for rest and to resume work for the rest of the week tomorrow. So what did I do? Despite the rain, cold and that I was in my comfy but not-so-weather-proof ballet pumps, I was adamant to go out shopping. Yes. I had to. Today. I was surprised to find the raindrops actually comforting, and now I realise it was perhaps because it was a sign of 'freedom' from being cooped up in the humid fluctuating temperatures of the hospital for too long.

I strolled along Hammersmith Broadway and popped into the newsagents to pick up a nice quick read - magazines are my guilty pleasure. When I have the time. I ended up leaving with the two pictured above as they caught my eye: ELLE Magazine and ELLE Wedding Magazine. The wedding magazine will be a useful distraction to help with inspiration and planning for the big day in the next few months. This month's ELLE Magazine offers a mini size of Benefit Roller Lash Mascara - a plus. I have not been a fan of Benefit Mascaras but I still look forward to trying them when they release.

As I walked into my local Boots, I decided I wanted to try a new foundation. I know I just purchased the NARS one a couple weeks ago but just trying them on doesn't hurt, until I make a decision to purchase. I went to the Clarins counter and asked the lady if I could try out the new Clarins Everlasting Foundation + SPF15. She shade matched me to Amber. She prepped my skin and applied the foundation with a flat foundation brush. To be honest I find it has good coverage but a bit too heavy for myself and for everyday wear. The lady at the counter said I could apply it more sparingly and blend with the fingers as she applied on herself for a more natural finish.

I said I would think about it although I had an idea that it may have been a smidgen pink for my skin tone, perhaps it may oxidise later or blend more with my skin. Applying product to the face tends to enhance vasodilation of the face blood vessels making the skin look pinker, perhaps when its settled it will look better, but before I walked out I did purchase the Clarins Truly Matte Hydra-Matte Lotion she used to mattify my shiny nose whilst hydrating my dry cheeks. It just felt so refreshing while she prepped my skin and smells subtly of cucumbers that I could not resist. I'll use this for a few more days and write you a proper review.

When I reached home I took a photo of myself with the Clarins Everlasting Foundation + to see how it fares...

Clarins Everlasting Foundation + SPF15 Amber Review Swatches

I must say, now looking at the picture above the shade appears to be a good match.

So that's my little adventure for today. What do you think of these types of posts? Leave a comment below!

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