Fancy by Jessica Simpson Eau de Parfum Review!

When it comes to fragrances I'm choosy for a reason. Most floral gourmands trigger funny headaches and nausea and memories of unpleasant childhood experiences I would rather not relive. After persevering with perfumeries in my tweens however I found a type of scent I could tolerate and even adore. That base is Vanilla.

Fancy by Jessica Simpson Perfume housed in a gorgeous bottle with rose gold top is a warm cozy caramelly scent with a vanilla base. It smells absolutely delicious even better than a bakery. It is sweeter than Thierry Mugler's Angel and has more caramel than Lancome 's La Vie Est Belle

It has good sillage and long lasting power. Its great for parties but I would avoid using this at work if you mind people sniffing you. I personally would not wear this to long days out as although it may smell nice at first, at 4 hours it turns sour and does not suit my body chemistry. 

Fancy by Jessica Simpson Perfume still holds a nice spot for my caramel scented frag. For quick affairs such as dinners and reunions I would happily spritz this darling of a fragrance.

If you're a vanilla lover, check out my tab for other Vanilla-scented fragrances I love HERE.

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