How I Depotted My MAC Blushes & Filled My First Blush Palette!

How to Depot MAC Blushes The Easy Way

Do you have a mountain of blushes and yet only use a few? Do you suffer from buyer's regret or remorse that some blushes have gone unloved?

As much as I enjoy looking at my blush collection in the pots, I realised I have not been using them as much as my NARS blush palette. I knew I had a lot of beautiful shades as they became favourites for months after the purchase but for some reason I just haven't been reaching for them. 

Pondering why I came up with a few reasons:

1. Time is often short when I am getting ready.
2. They all look the same in their pots when lined up and so makes it time-consuming to find the one I look for.
3. The NARS blush palette has everything I need in a look: contour/bronze, blush and highlight. It's a no-brainer, making it easier to reach for this in the getting-ready-rush.

There was only one solution to this problem: I had to depot my blushes.

I dug out my depotting kit which consists of the following products:

Hair straightener
Greaseproof Paper / Wax Paper - available in any grocery
Small Paring Knife
Small Screwdriver
Self Adhesive Magnetic Dots - I buy here from Ebay
Two squares of kitchen roll
Rubbing Alcohol
Cotton Balls
Empty MAC Blush Palette +/- Inserts

There are many tutorials on Youtube for depotting blushes and I've combined a few to find the simplest, safest and easiest technique that works for me.


1. I start by laying out all my paraphernalia and heat up my hair straightener.

2. Next, I pick up my paring knife and blush. I open the blush and insert the paring knife on the side of the blush to pop out the plastic bit.

Scroll to 0.54 in this video

3. I tear a square of wax paper to a size a little larger than the blush. I put this in the hair straightener and the blush on top. The wax paper prevents the plastic from melting onto your hair straightener (that would be a disaster!)

Scroll to 2.54 in this video

4. I wait about 4-5 minutes, depending on your heat setting and the burning plastic smell. I take the blush and look at the bottom, if it looks melted enough I move to step 5.

5. I put the blush on a paper towel on the floor, blush side down, and poke the screwdriver into the middle. If the glue on the pan is melted enough, the pan will pop right out. Do this carefully as not to deform the plastic casing.

6. I soak a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol, rub it on the back of the pan to dissolve the glue away.

7. I attach a magnetic dot on to the back of the metal pan, and voila! You've depotted the blush!

8. I also like to keep my original labels when possible. To do this, just repeat step 3-4 with the larger casing. Wait about a minute. The glue under the label melts a bit and you can remove the label quite easily, I do this gently with a finger nail.

9. Stick the label on the magnetic dot behind your blush.

10. Put the plastic bits back together and save this for MAC's recycling programme Back to MAC.

How to Depot MAC Blushes The Easy Way

It was surprisingly easy to depot MAC blushes compared to depotting Sleek Makeup Eyeshadows and MAC eyeshadows. I think because the pans are much larger, there was a bigger room for error.

I'm happy I've got some empties for the MAC recycling programme (return 6 product empties for 1 new lipstick!). I know not all MAC stores allow you to return empties without their pans, but as far as I'm aware the UK MAC stores are happy with them.

If you've got a question or an opinion on this, leave a comment at the bottom of this post! 

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