50 New Year’s Resolutions for a More Beautiful You! 
Happy new year everyone! With the New Year just around the corner, I compiled a list of 50 New Year's Resolutions to try if you're feeling stuck finding a good idea. Don't worry, its impossible to do all 50, pick one and see if it works for you!

Quit bad beauty habits 

1. Quit Nail biting. Not only are chipped nails unsightly, but did you know that you can get worms from biting your fingernails? Wearing coloured nail varnish can help you stop.

2. Quit picking on your skin and pimple popping. These habits can lead to facial scarring.

3. Stop smoking.

4. Stop using tanning beds, which can increase your risk of skin cancer. Try fake tans instead!

Get Organized 

5. Clean out your closet. Check out Anna's tips on Capsule Wardrobes.

6. Reorganize your makeup drawer.

7. Clean out your makeup bag.

Better Hygiene!

8. Toss your pillowcases in the wash every week, especially in the summer to remove the build up of sweat and oils from your face and hair, which can cause breakouts.

9. Clean your mobile phone at least once a week. Ever notice that the right side of your jaw has a few more blemishes than you'd expect? That could be from all the bacteria on your mobile! You can use a tiny bit of rubbing alcohol on a tissue and gently wiping down your phone.

10. Don’t share makeup with friends! This is the easiest way to transfer germs, get a pink eye or even cold sores (herpes).

11. Avoid trying makeup testers at makeup counters for this same reason.

12. Get rid of your mascara every 6 months as they are a breeding ground for bacteria. You can attach a label to your mascara with the ‘expiry’ date or the date of opening to remind you when you’ll have to throw it out.

13. Throw out your old makeup sponges after use to prevent re-using dirty and bacteria-laden sponges.

14. Clean your lip and eye pencils every month by sharpening them.

15. Clean your makeup brushes weekly to prevent the build up of dirt and oils, which can lead to breakouts and infections.

Try a new Look 

16. Try a new beauty dare once a month! It may be red lipstick or winged eye liner, who knows – you might find a new look that suits you.

17. Experiment with new fashion trends. Breaking out from the usual black and adding in a new colour or accessory can instantly transform any outfit.

18. Change your hairstyle - If you can't remember the last time you got a different style, now is the perfect opportunity to go a little shorter, get a fringe, or add a few face-framing layers.

Better shopping habits 

19. Get the perfect shade of foundation by using your jawline to test. This is the most evenly toned area of your face. Don’t use your arm or hand as your skin colour may be completely different!

20. Wear blush for that instant pick-me-up!

21. Find affordable style and save money eg. Primarni and H&M

Get a healthier glow! 

22. Get at least 6-8 hours of beauty sleep. This gives your body enough time to revitalise itself.

23. Relax and give yourself a time out now and then to reduce stress and accelerated ageing that goes with it.

24. Schedule a beauty date with your best friend, sister, or mum. That way, you can both feel indulged and have some quality catch-up time.

25. Hit the gym at least 3 times a week for a naturally glowing complexion and a hot body!

26. Drink more water – at least 2 litres of water a day to flush toxins out of your body and keep skin looking supple and healthy

27. Eat more good-for-your-skin foods like vegetables, salmon, almonds, and berries.

28. Take a multivitamin every day - I love Holland & Barrett Pure Cod Liver Oil Multi-vitamins.

Gain new beauty habits 

29. Maintain your eyebrows with monthly threads or waxes. Clean eyebrows instantly improve your look!

30. Commit to a skin-care routine. Try a new regimen for at least two weeks before changing products, as this is the amount of time it usually takes for a formula's results to show.

31. Apply a moisturiser with at least SPF 30 to your face, neck and body prevent premature aging.

32. Don’t forget to apply SPF on your hands, especially before driving to prevent the sun’s UV effects on your hands!

33. Start using an eye cream. It's never too early or late to fight fine lines and wrinkles!

34. Use a body brush a few minutes before your morning shower to shift cellulite.

35. Moisturise after your daily bath or shower while your skin is still a little damp as your skin absorbs better at this time than when it is completely dry.

36. Start using a toner to clean your skin and also tighten pores.

37. Remove your makeup at the end of the day by either washing them off or keeping cleansing wipes by your bedside to prevent clogged pores!

38. Exfoliate your skin once a week using mild soap and a washcloth, loofah or exfoliating gloves (my favourite!).

39. Avoid taking very hot steamy showers as this can dry out your skin.

40. Start using a product with glycolic acid or retinol, which can help prevent and dissolve fine lines, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin texture and acne.

Take better care of your hair. 

41. Shampoo your hair every 2 days as washing your hair daily can strip it off its natural oils.

42. Don’t comb your hair immediately after you shower to avoid breakage. Instead, wrap it in a towel and let it dry for 10 minutes.

43. Use a wide-toothed comb to comb newly washed hair. This reduces chances of split ends.

44. Invest in an ionic hair dryer, which is gentler to hair and also dries your hair faster!

45. Avoid using the flatiron too often.

46. Use a heat protectant spray before using hot hair styling products.

47. Stop splitting your ends, instead trim them to prevent damaging your hair.

Improve dental care 

48. Floss your teeth daily. Did you know that brushing alone cleans only 65% of your teeth?

49. Keep a toothbrush at your desk and brush after you finish your coffee or tea. This will help prevent staining.

And lastly… 

50. Be flawsome! Start loving yourself for who you are, this includes wrinkles, flab, cellulite etc. Use these to guide self-improvement instead of self-loathing, and don’t let these hold you back!

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50 New Year’s Resolutions for a More Beautiful You!

December Favourites from NARS, MAC, Charlotte Tilbury, Bare Minerals, L'oreal and By Terry
Every so often I shop my stash and rotate my products around, but these products have somewhat made it into my regular routine this December. Battling against central heating indoors and the chilly winds outdoors keeping my makeup in check. Let's go through them shall we?

Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon in Bronzed Garnet. Supposedly meant to emphasize green eyes, I've been using this autumn/winter-perfect shade to match my brown peepers. I've recently reviewed this eyeshadow pencil in a previous post. You can read it HERE.

MAC Select Cover Up Concealer NW25. Harsh drying environments call for moisturising products. MAC's select cover up concealer does the trick. It's medium coverage and wonderfully hydrating while non-creasing. I like to use this on my dark circles underneath the eyes, but it works well for the rest of the face too.

BareMinerals Complexion Rescue Buttercream. I'm totally late to this Complexion Rescue party. This tinted sunprotecting moisturiser provides a light veil of colour on the skin to subtly even out skin imperfections. It applies like a gel and feels like a cream on the skin.  I also love that it contains SPF30.

MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation NC25. This product is perhaps the most re-purchased of all my MAC makeup. Its a medium coverage powder that is easy to build to a full coverage. It feels quite light on the skin. I pat it on top of my foundation with a large kabuki brush. 

L'Oreal Paris Double Extension Renovation Serum Mascara. And this is my most re-purchased product from L'oreal! I only purchase it for the serum-laden primer. I hardly use actual mascara bit. I think its thanks to this my lashes have grown a bit and I'm very pleased.

By Terry Mascara Terrybly. I picked up this sample size and its lasted the last two months. Truly impressed. It coats my lashes a natural black shade (not too stark) and the brush is easy enough to use, although I still sometimes coat my upper lid, but that's oriental droopy-ish lids for you. I am thinking of purchasing a full size of this, we'll see if I come across something better.

NARS Laguna Bronzer. You can tell how much I love this bronzer - I've hit pan! It's wonderful on yellow-toned olive skin (I believe the other one Casino is for the pink-toned). It mimics a natural tan on my skin. I use it to subtly contour the face with a pointed face brush.

NARS Lustre Blush. I think this is one of the most under-rated NARS blushes. It provides that healthy peachy golden glow that's not too sparkly (NARS Super Orgasm, I'm looking at you!). It creates a healthy flush on the cheeks perfect for these pale winter days. It is one of my favourite blushes and yes my to-go blush this winter.

That ends my ramblings today. Have you tried any of these products? By the way, Merry Christmas to y'all! 

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December Favourites

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water Review
Having finished up my bottle of Bioderma Crealine H20, I browsed through my local Boots for a suitable alternative and found this -- Garner Micellar Cleansing Water. The bottle looks almost like Bioderma's: large-ish, round and clear with a bright coloured top. I was curious to see how the product actually fares compared to Holy grail status Bioderma and picked it up. Let's see!

I am a big fan of using cleanser on cotton pads to wipe my makeup off at the end of the day and I keep these trusty bits on my bedside table. 

With these micellar cleansing solutions, I soak two cotton pads with a couple of drops/squirts and gently press them on closed eyes, waiting a minute for my eye makeup to dissolve, and then I wipe out in an upward sideward motion. 

I must say that Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water is a wonder-dupe for Bioderma Crealine H2O. It dissolves eye makeup with no problem and does not leave even a hint of residue. But for a fraction of the price and large size of bottle it gives a much better value for money!

It's not the first time Garnier has thrilled me with skincare products... For waterproof makeup removers you may be interested to read my comprehensive review of budget-friendly alternatives you can find in the drugstores -- and Garnier tops the list!

Have you tried Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water? Let me know what you think!

If you've got a question or an opinion on this, leave a comment at the bottom of this post! 

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Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water - The Bioderma Dupe

L'Occitane Shea Ultra Rich Comforting Face Cream Review
Formulated with 25% shea butter, the L'Occitane Ultra Rich Face Cream intensely nourishes dry and very dry skin and effectively protects it against dryness and climatic damage. It relieves the skin from tightness, yielding soft comfortable skin.

It contains shea concentrate derived from shea butter to protect skin against dryness. Shea concentrate contains phytosterols which strengthen epidermal cells and help form a protective moisturising barrier.

I have tested this product for a couple of days, and I must say it feels wonderful on the skin, it essentially 'melts' like butter. My skin definitely feels softer and more hydrated. However, despite its non-comedogenic claims, I have noticed my skin to break out with a few comedones especially on my forehead, which is a no-no for me. 

Perhaps with my combination skin type it wouldn't work, but for dry skin types it might be a one to try. It does make an excellent body moisturiser however! 

L'Occitane Ultra Rich Face Cream is available at £28 from your local L'occitane shop.

Have you tried this face cream? Leave a comment below!

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L'Occitane Shea Ultra Rich Comforting Face Cream

Parfums Coline Patchouli Praline Eau de Parfum

Just a quick post - I've been obsessed with this fragrance since my mum gave it to me as a present. She likes to update my fragrance wardrobe with new vanilla-scents. This is Parfums Coline Patchouli Praline Eau de Parfum. Its bottle is hard to come by as it hails from the world's perfume capital, Grasse in France. I am uncertain whether it is available in the UK.

At first whiff it reminds me of my favourite Thierry Mugler Angel Perfume. An oriental gourmand, with mixtures of vanilla and musk. To compare with Parfums Coline Patchouli Praline Eau de Parfum, the former is sweeter with more sillage. Either points could be pros or cons depending on the wearer.

It's for that reason that I've been wearing this fragrance quite regularly. It is not too strong or overpowering. I find it suitable for work. It still has that delicious Angel-like aroma without being over-bearing or too seducing. I will be sad when this eventually runs out with daily use, but by then I'm hoping my mum will strike gold with discovering another fragrance...

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Parfums Coline Patchouli Praline Eau de Parfum

Charlotte Tilbury Bronzed Garnet Colour Chameleon Review Swatches
I've realised that I've stuck to a particular eye product for the last month and therefore I reckon its something spectacular to blog about. It's Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon in Bronze Garnet. This is a juicy fall-appropriate copper brown shade with a little sparkle, but with neutral tones that make it work-safe.

I use this as an eyeliner. To start with, I clumsily line the upper lashline, and just before it sets, I use the tip of a MAC 239 Brush to clean up and extend the liner to a wing. It literally takes 5 seconds for each eye. The formula is amazing. Once it sets, it lasts and lasts. At the end of the day, its still there when my foundation turns up in patches.

Overall I highly recommend this shade and the Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon line up if you're an eye pencil kinda gal, and if you've got the £19 to spare. I'm saving up for another shade - tossing between Amethyst Aphrodisiac, Golden Quartz and Amber Haze. Do you have any particular recommendations?..

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Charlotte Tilbury Bronzed Garnet Eyeshadow Pencil

Live and Breath Beauty Brushes Review
I'm always on the look out for new brushes to add to my collection. I've got some from MAC, Sigma, Bobbi Brown, Zoeva and now I've ventured into L.A.B.2. This stands for Live and Breathe Beauty [uncertain about the "2"]. I love the sleek black and stylish look. Wooden handles replaced by a black rubbery stem with texture similar to NARS compacts.
The bristles are synthetic and they boast their FiberLuxe technology to provide soft and high quality filaments for precise makeup application results. I'm more of a face-and-lip makeup type of person and I've have two face brushes and one lip brush to share with you today.
L.A.B.2 Read My Lip Brush is a tiny tapered tip brush. It is quite firm to allow lip-lining. Due to its small size it takes a little bit of patience to fill in the lips with lipstick but it does the trick.

L.A.B.2 Don't Get Mad, Get Even Foundation Brush is a thin, flat, tapered tip brush. It is firm yet flexible and able to reach facial nooks and crannies. It works well with thin consistency foundations or tinted moisturisers as opposed to thick full coverage ones to minimise the streaks.

L.A.B.2 Make Me Blush Brush is a soft dome-shaped brush. I have to admit this is my favourite of the three. The bristles are quite firm, which makes it multi-use. I've used it like a buffing brush to apply foundation, and also as a blush brush to apply pops of colour on the apples of the cheeks.
Overall I do like these brushes. With a similar drugstore price point as Real Techniques brushes, I feel the latter generally have softer bristles and easier to use. Among the three, I would recommend the L.A.B.2 Make Me Blush Brush though. It's pretty spectacular...
Love it or Leave It? Leave a comment below!

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Live and Breathe Beauty L.A.B.2 Brushes

I realise its been ages since I've posted a FOTD and decided to photograph this makeup look. It's my to-go face. Very everyday-esque. Here's the run down.

I started off with prepping the skin with La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL SPF 50 Ultra Light Fluid. Once that absorbed, I applied a few spritzes of MAC Prep and Prime Fix + to hydrate the skin. Using the Zoeva Silk Finish Brush I buffed in NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation in Punjab. I set this with a dusting of MAC Mineralised Skinfinish in Medium Plus using a Real Techniques Large Powder Brush.

To contour the face I used a MAC 138 Brush to apply MAC Sculpt Powder on the hollows of my cheeks. With the Real Techniques MultiTask Brush I patted Illamasqua Lover Blush on the apples of my cheeks for a peachy glow. I highlighted my cheekbones with Becca Moonstone Skin Perfector Pressed using Sigma F15 Duo Fibre Brush.

On my eyes, I have shimmery taupe Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon in Dark Pearl lining my eyes and lashings of By Terry Terrybly Mascara

I applied a slick of Charlotte Tilbury Bitch Perfect Lipstick to finish the look. The best thing about these pinky nudes is you can apply them straight from the bullet. Moosh your lips together and you're done.

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My Everyday Makeup Look

Vaseline Cocoa Radiant Total Moisture Gel Body Oil

With the cold winter finally here in the UK, I wanted to share with you the one moisturiser that has been keeping my skin well-hydrated this season. It is Vaseline Total Moisture Gel Body Oil.

I love to apply it after patting my skin dry from the shower. A little goes a long way. It smells absolutely gorgeous with its vanilla cocoa and makes my skin glow. I love its subtle warming feel, like a yummy warm hug. 

As per its name, it is oily, it is thick. It takes about 5-10 minutes to fully absorb depending on your skin type. Make sure to wait for this to fully absorb before applying any tight clothing or it will stick like glue.

For this chilly season, I cannot recommend Vaseline Total Moisture Gel Body Oil enough. If you're suffering from dry skin and looking for a drugstore bargain to try, run over to your local Boots. At under £6 a pop, it is an absolute steal. It a popular winter staple. BTW, I've actually got a back up... 

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The Moisturiser That Feels Like a Nice Warm Hug

New Hair meet Old Hair

Finally. I went for it. The big chop. I've been contemplating this decision for the last 6 months, but it has been put aside for growing my hair for the wedding, although in the end my wedding hair was all hidden up in a bun. 

It's only been two decades I've had my hair at least at armpit's length, but why have I only thought of this change now? That's perhaps because it is change. Something new. And new things always require an adjustment period I was afraid to take.

But funnily enough to get to this frame of mind the idea of change, something in me already had changed. I started to realise long hair always got in the way, of bag zips, doorknobs (yes I am petite and my hair was that long), messing my lipstick in the wind, clogging drains in the shower, that if not for events where I could flaunt my hair, it had always been up in a bun or ponytail. I had become more practical, possibly wiser, but definitely older. That's not to say getting the chop was easy. Until the time of my appointment I had doubts whether I could pull off the shorter hair style. 

On recommendation by the hubby, I had my hair cut by the lovely Junko at Keisuke Hair Artists Japanese hair salon in Acton. And I must say she was very good. She made me feel relaxed and at ease while she personalised my hair to suit my face shape, my personality (in the short span of time). We agreed on a style that was not too short and if I dared perhaps next time I could get a bob or try on a fringe.

Overall, I am enjoying the shorter cut. My hair feels a lot lighter, neck muscles feel better, hair care is a lot cheaper, and drying a lot quicker. It looks quite chic if I do say so myself.

I dare you to try out a shorter hair style. If it doesn't work, it will always grow back.

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Sally Hansen Hard as Nails, Ecotools Concealer Brush, Essie Eternal Optimist Nail Polish, Essie Allure Nail Polish, Essie Vanity Fairest Nail Polish

With a few days off work I've decided its time my bare nails deserved a treat. Usually for one-time (many-a time) retail therapy I splurge on the boldest daring shades I would never wear more than once but this time I decided to take a step back, use some self control and purchase shades I would wear over and over.

On re-doing my pedicure I noticed yellow stains on removing nail polish, ew. As you could deduce I have been naughty lately, skipping the base and going straight into colour. My Nailtek Foundation Ridge-Filling Base Coat has seen better days and I needed a new nail base coat. Enter Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Nylon Retinol Nude, the one base coat that was almost (and now currently) sold out at my local Boots, I think of this as a good sign. I have high hopes for this one.

I have still not managed to find my holy grail under eye concealer brush. I still stay loyal to the MAC 224 Brush and its bristles still never cease to shed. Perusing the brush department I was intrigued by Ecotools Complexion Collection Eye Perfecting Brush and fell for its promise for efficient undereye concealing. It comes with a pouch, which I have now disposed. I was surprised at how stiff the bristles are; it actually feels like a furry finger. I'm still undecided about this one and will report later.

Now for my favourites, the Tres Marias, the three I picked up from Essie

Essie Eternal Optimist Nail Polish. This is a creamy nude pink that I love to wear on my toes. It is quite flattering on my medium olive skintone.

Essie Allure Nail Polish. I was tossing between the many Essie sheer whites, rather struggling as they were all quite similar. I decided on Allure as its name was most alluring ha. I have this on my nails at the moment with two coats so you can still see some sexy nail underneath. It makes me look like I have leuconychia but otherwise its beautiful!

Essie Vanity Fairest Nail Polish. This shade is what got me into Essie nail polishes, previously blogged about it HERE. I have this in a mini form but I wanted to get the large bottle incase the lil one runs out and we full well know it never will. It is a sheer pink with tiny sparkles. With two coats it never fails to make me feel like a princess.

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New from Sally, Essie and Ecotools

Anatomicals Smoother Butts Love Coconuts Coconut and Mango Body Lotion
Anatomicals Smoother Butts Love Coconuts Coconut and Mango Body Lotion. First off, what a wicked name. Do you not agree? As soon as I saw it I knew I had to have/blog about it. A native pacific islander, this body lotion deliciously smells of home, a favourite pastime of lounging by the seashore surrounded by the aroma of coconuts minus the salty sea winds. But wait, there's more! Coconuts in the wind with the fragrance of my favourite mango smoothie. Delicious.

The lotion itself feels very light on the skin, almost a mousse like texture that glides on effortlessly. Leave it in the fridge to cool and it feels glorious to apply. I feel this makes a perfect travel companion for a warm trip to the tropics due to its lightweight texture. Heavier lotions would feel sticky in humid conditions.

Anatomicals Smoother Butts Love Coconuts Coconut and Mango Body Lotion
Along the same lines, this moisturiser works well in the summer months when less moisturising is required. The dry winter months call for a more heavy duty alternative, one that doesn't require repeat moisturising twice a day.

Overall I do love this moisturiser especially for its fragrance and I will save this for upcoming sunny holidays. If this has piqued your interest, snap it quickly from ASOS where it is on sale for just £2.80 for a 200ml tube. Now that's a steal.

Love it or Leave It? Leave a comment below!

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Smoother Butts Love Coconuts

By Terry Light Expert Click Brush Review, Swatches

If you've not been hiding under a shell or kept up in work/university, I'm sure you would have heard of the buzz in the beauty scene from By Terry. Makeup artist extraordinaire Terry de Gunzburg has recently launched the By Terry Light-Expert Click Brush (£48) which comes in 6 shades: from Rosy Light to Amber Brown for very fair to tan olive skintones. (They claim they are still working on making one for dark skintones).

By Terry Light Expert Click Brush Review, Swatches
By Terry Light Expert Click Brush Review, Swatches
The idea for the product itself is a step up from the YSL Touche Eclat. The tube is far bigger, with a slanted kabuki brush on the top. The product is dispensed at 4 points for even application. The kabuki itself is completely detachable from the tube, allowing cleaning and drying, tackling a common problem with click-pen type products. What's more is that you can open up the product and directly see how much product you have left.

The formula itself is dreamy. It has a gel-like consistency that just blends oh-so-well! It dries to a non-drying matte finish and lasts the whole day. 

Depending on which shades you pick up, you can use it as a highlighter, foundation (my shade match is Peach Beige) or as a bronzer such as what I picked up.

By Terry Light Expert Click Brush in Amber Swatched on NC30 Skin

By Terry Light Expert Click Brush in Amber Blended on NC30 Skin

I have the shade in Amber Brown (pictured) and I do love it. On my skin tone it is a tan shade with a hint of peach. It looks very natural as a contour shade albeit a little sun-kissed looking than plain ol' brown taupe. I love it.

Shivanee and I love the By Terry Light-Expert Click Brush and we give this four thumbs up. If weren't for the expensive price tag, we wouldn't think twice of repurchasing this amazing product! 

Love it or Leave It? Leave a comment below!

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The New Face Base from By Terry

Pixi is getting ready for the new season with these Fall essentials!

Pure Fuchsia (in white light)

Plum Berry (in white light)

Cat Eye Ink - 5/5
Cat Eye Ink is a jet black, felt tip eyeliner. It's slanted edge makes it easy to make a wing. This product made it's way to my make up bag. It is easy to use, highly pigmented, and long lasting. Bravo Pixi! (Check out our Fall Look featuring this product)

Endless Brow Gel Pen - 3.5/5
A little goes a long way with this product. Since it is a Gel pen, the formula is thick. It's texture almost feels like the MAC Feline eyeliner. I did not like how sticky it felt on my eyebrows. It was harder to shape and tame my hairs. But if you're looking for an eyebrow pen to last you the whole day (literally), this will be your best friend. (Check out our Fall Look featuring this product)

Pure Fuchsia Mattelustre Lipstick - 3/5
Pure Fuchsia is semi-sheer and semi-pigmented. It is comparable to MAC Madly Magenta in color, and so I have the same issues with regards to the shade of this lipstick. (See MAC Madly Magenta Mini-Review). What I love about this product is it's easy application and gorgeous finish. It's the best of both worlds: matte with just a little hint of shine.

Plum Berry Mattelustre Lipstick - 4.5/5
The it-color for Fall. Plum Berry has the same formula as Pure Fuchsia, yet it in a much more wearable color. I am in love with this lipstick! It makes lips look sweet and juicy. Just be wary of teeth stains.

Love it or Leave It? Leave a comment below!

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Pixi Product Review and Swatches (August Box)

It's September! One of my favorite months of the year. Mostly because it's my birth month, but also because it signals the start of a new season: Fall. I will admit I am not a of the cold and gloomy weather, but I do love Fall fashion: sweaters, beanies, boots, and vampy makeup.

Jet black winged eyeliner and dark berry lips are in this season! I also decided to put a little sunshine to this otherwise dark look: gold on my eyelids. What I love about this look is that most of the make up I used can be found at your local drugstore and are reasonably priced.

Product List:

1. Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Foundation Powder - 10 Honey
2. MAC Enough Said Blush
3. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Treatment Concealer, Light-Medium - Highlighter
4. Maybelline Fit Me Shine-Free Foundation Stick, Coconut - Contour

5. NYX Soft Matte Lip Creme in Copenhagen

6. Pixi Endless Eyebrow Gel, Medium - Eyebrows
7. Pixi Cat Eye Ink - Eyeliner
8. Topshop Crayon - Eye Lid
9. Sleek Make Up, Gold - Eye Lid
10. Sleek Ultra Matte Palette, Paper Bag - Crease
11. Sleek Ultra Matte Palette, Noir - Crease

(Not in Photo)
Pixi Eye Bright Liner - Waterline
Maybelline Colossal Mascara

Can't wait to see your Fall Look!

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FOTD: Fall Make Up

Vichy Pureté Thermale 3-in-1 Calming Cleansing Micellar Solution Review
It's perfect timing I found this new micellar water cleanser from Vichy as I'd recently run out of my favourite Garnier. If you've had any experience with the original Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water, you'd find it was pretty good at removing non waterproof makeup, leaving your skin dirt-free without stripping out oils and moisture.

Vichy's take on the micellar water is very similar. A clean finish but I find leaves the skin more hydrated than Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. Although fragranced, it has not irritated my sensitive skin unlike the Vichy Idealia Range (link to review HERE). It smells of aloe vera/cucumber (not quite sure) which cools the skin and adds to that winding down effect we do as we are just getting into bed.

I keep this by my bedside for emergency use if I am unable to have time/energy to cleanse my face with water - which seems to be a regular occurence these days. 

I have to say that I love Vichy Pureté Thermale 3-in-1 Calming Cleansing Micellar Solution. I recommend it if you have sensitive skin. Despite its massive difference in price with my old favourite Garnier (£11 vs £3.29), Vichy's more moisturising and soothing properties make it a winner and I will perhaps repurchase this when it runs out.

Love it or Leave It? Leave a comment below!

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Vichy's Take on the Micellar Water Cleansing Solution

Hot pink has always been my favorite color. I grew up in the non-technological world of Barbie and Kelly, 
the latter now known as Chelsea *gasp*, which influenced my love and fascination for all things pink. It is no secret that Shocking/Hot Pinks and Magentas are hard to pull off. No matter how attractive they are, there are a lot of issues I encounter when trying on pink lipstick. Some make my teeth look yellow, some are too shocking they could pop an eye out, and some just do not compliment my NC35-40 skin tone at all. So here's a list of Hot Pinks that I have acquired over time and my thoughts on them:

Long-wear and extremely creamy. Color is cool-toned and more on the purple side than pink. It did not suit my skin tone at all and it was the kind that made my teeth look yellow. It also left stains on my lips and fingers.

Not a huge lip gloss user, but this color is definitely wearable either on top of lipstick or on it's own.

Beauty bloggers all over the internet have been raving about this one, and I completely agree with them. Candy Yum Yum is very versatile as it looks good on almost all skin tones. It is highly pigmented and dries on matte. If you were to own one barbie pink lipstick, I would recommend this one. 

MAC Candy Yum Yum

Part of the limited edition DressCamp Collection (2008). It has a Lustre finish - very sheer when applied but can be built up to a nice, flattering baby pink. Looks good on almost all skin tones.

If you do not wish to spend on Candy Yum Yum, Addis Ababa is another lippie that I highly recommend. It is probably one of the colors I have used the most in my beloved matte lip cream collection. Though the product can look intimidating at first, it is actually very wearable, even for us sun-kissed ladies. It dries on matte and leaves you with dolly pink lips.

NYX Addis Ababa

Huge fan of the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable lip stains. This did not disappoint in texture as it applied smoothly. Very sheer, you have to put layers upon layers to actually get to a solid color. Yet the color did not go well with my skin, and also left my teeth looking yellow.

I got this out of a whim, really. I wanted to try some lip art that required a shocking baby pink color and did not want to spend a lot. Naturally, I would go to the Wet n Wild section because their products are really inexpensive, but they are not at all tacky. The formula of this lipstick was too matte/dry for me. It would leave my lips flaky. I suggest you exfoliate and hydrate your lips before applying this one.

Sleek Makeup Amped Lipstick - 4/5 
I love Sleek's True Color Lipstick collection. Amped was my IT Pink Lipstick before having Candy Yum Yum, and can very well be a dupe for the latter. I found that it does not apply smoothly, but you sure end up with a beautiful pop of color on your lips. Though, you have to be daring enough to wear such an electric pink. Dries on matte.

Sleek Makeup Mauve Over Pout Paint - 2.5/5
The pout paints are just about the funnest lip products in my collection. You can pretty much make your own shades by mixing different colors together. This is one I would not wear by itself. It's a cool-toned color, similar to MAC Magenta, so my issues with it are the same. It also has a tendency to give you teeth stains. Liquid, Highly pigmented, Very thick lather.

Sleek Makeup Monte Carlo Pout Polish - 3/5
Sleek's pout polishes are nourishing and conditioning. I love how they feel on my lips. This color is very sheer, but I would not advise building it up. It will give you a nice subtle pink and leave your lips looking juicy!

What's your favorite pink lipstick?

Love it or Leave It? Leave a comment below!

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Our Picks: Hot Pink - Magenta Lip Products

I am slowly gaining insight into my developing love for Essie nail polishes. 

Despite their inconsistent hit-and-miss formulas, there's something about those square bottles with the cute white tops that draws me in. They look so clean and tidy all lined up and the square shapes just looks great in storage.

Six more shades have found their way to my collection, mainly cream finishes with subdued hues as apart from reds, I don't usually wear brights.

Absolutely Shore is a pale greyish green in a cream finish. The formula firstly applies streaky but three coats make it look even.

Splash of Grenadine is a bright magenta with a cream finish although it looks more jelly and squishable than Absolutely Shore.

Borrowed & Blue is a pale cornflower blue with a cream finish. It's perfect to wear on gloomy rainy days.

Topless & Barefoot is a pale nude shade with a hint of rose. I was hoping to like this but feel it might be too pale for my skintone. Perhaps a more yellow-toned or a shade darker nude would suit me better. Any recommendations?

Eternal Optimist is an old rose with a cream finish. It applies a little gloopy. Try using thinner coats at a time to get this right.

Penny Talk is a lot less rose gold than I expected. Its a bronze metallic shade with a tiny smidge of pink. I fancy these on my twinkle toes.

The price difference of Essie polishes between the UK and the USA is quite surprisingly different (USA $8.00, UK £7.99) so I picked these up from an eBay seller in the USA, check out their store here. International shipping took about 1 week from payment which is actually pretty good.

For my next purchases, I am on the look out for a good Essie grey/taupe colour. Are there any shades you recommend?

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No One Said It Would Be Essie

Vichy has recently released its eye catching and beautifully packaged Idealia range that definitely stands out in drugstores. This range is meant to restore and regenerate overstressed and overexposed skin. The pink and silver reflective packaging really draws attention. They look so beautiful that I felt I had to try them out.

Vichy Idealia Life Serum is meant to brighten and restore radiance to your complexion. It comes in a fantastic pump dispenser that gives you just the right amount for a whole face. When swatched it is mostly white with a subtle reflective pink-gold duochrome sheen, similar to MAC Rebel Lustre Drops. On the skin I find it hardly moisturises however and that my rough patches are no different (may be even worse). It is quite highly fragranced so I would not recommend this on sensitive skin. Overall I have not seen any improvement in the quality of my skin using this so I will sadly not repurchase.

Vichy Idealia Skin Sleep Recovery Night Gel-Balm is a night treatment meant to repair and regenerate dull skin overnight by improving microcirculation and barrier function of the skin. It comes in a pot (unhygienic!) although with a delightful mirror at the top of the lid (genius!). I find in the mornings that my skin does look brighter but I'm not sure whether that's because I've had some rest or because of this product. I tend to sleep like a log and I do try to get a good 8 hours' sleep when possible. Again like the life serum above, it is fragranced and does not really help with my skin's texture and perhaps I would not repurchase.

I really wanted to love these but unfortunately as they don't seem to do much for me I cannot recommend them.

Have you tried this Vichy Idealia Range?

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Vichy Idealia Skin Sleep and Serum Review

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