So Much Fawn with Sally Hansen

Sally Hansen So Much Fawn Nail Polish Review, Swatches
I've got a confession. I've never tried Sally Hansen nail polishes before. *gasp* I've seen the line in various drugstores and ignored it over and over... But this time I couldn't. First of all, the Christmas display in Boots was very good, very appealing. But it was this nail polish in So Much Fawn which reeled me in, caught me by hook line and sinker. Keep reading for a couple of swatches.

Sally Hansen So Much Fawn Nail Polish Review, Swatches

Sally Hansen So Much Fawn is a muted coral pink. A 'safe' coral. Not too bright, not too dull or nude. The formula is great, it evens itself out and dries to an opaque creamy finish in one coat (as above) but I suspect it will even look richer with two. The brush is a maxi brush that makes application so much easier and quicker. 

At £6.99 a pop these aren't cheap at all for a drugstore nail polish, but if it's quality you're after these are pretty good. I'm impressed with the finish of this and I suspect I will be checking the line out again to collect some more. There are a couple of reds and nudes I'm eying up but for a starting shade this gorgeous So Much Fawn is a good one to try. 

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