Anatomicals World Pore 3 Deep Cleansing Nose, Chin, Forehead Strips Review!

Time to get your nose in top shape for the holiday season and I mean blasting blackheads away with Anatomicals World Pore 3.

This set of deep cleansing strips is called World Pore 3 for a reason; it targets the three areas which make up the T-zone where most of us get oily: the nose, chin and forehead to pull out blackheads from their nests revealing clean empty pores. Active ingredient Witch Hazel then gently treats blemish-prone skin.

The great thing about these as they act quickly and are relatively easy & painless to use compared to blackhead extractions from facial salons *shudders*. The price of £7 for ten sachets is not bad either, just think of 10 blackhead extraction sessions for under a pound each!

I for one will be using these before New Years Eve tomorrow to prevent my nasal blackheads from turning into full blown angry red pimples. No one will be calling me Rudolph this year...

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