Maybelline Color Elixer in Caramel Infused Review Swatches!

Maybelline Color Elixer Caramel Infused Review Swatches

It's been a couple of years since I've picked up a lipgloss. Often the sticky nature of glosses feel uncomfortable on the lips, causing them to stick to each other pulling skin and leaving me with unsightly chaps... It's thanks to Anna though that I've decided to venture out into lipglosses again (she has GOT to be the best enabler in the beauty blogging business!). After watching some of her recent videos, umming and ahh-ing, I've picked up this Maybelline Color Elixer in Caramel Infused.

The Maybelline Color Elixer Lip Colors are Maybelline's newest range of lip glosses. They are non-tacky non-sticky with a medium weight consistency. They vary in pigmentation - some more even some less depending on which shade you get. 

Caramel Infused is a medium mid-tone pinkish nude with no shimmers. It is a my lips but better shade. Its an understated pink that is super flattering and goes with any occasion and outfit. Non-sticky whatsoever and moisturising. I just adore it! 

Maybelline Color Elixer Caramel Infused Review Swatches
Pardon the low q iPhone shot!

A lipgloss is still a lipgloss however so I would only bust this out on non-windy days and for indoor activities. Read this post for beauty tips for the windy weather.

Have you tried the Maybelline Color Elixers?

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