Delicious Vanilla Treats to Sweeten Up Your Beauty Routine

My ideal world would smell like a bakery. A cake shop. A cookie wonderland. I adore anything that tastes and smells of vanilla. Unfortunately the world isn't like that so what I do is immerse myself in real cookies and cupcakes and of course a collection of vanilla fragrances and creams.

Enter Bath and Body Works. Not available in the UK, homeland in the USA - I love this brand. It stocks tons of different bath and body products as the name implies in a huge selection of scents including fruity, spicy and of course scrumptious vanilla.

Every year they release different scents with a vanilla base and these are what I've stocked up on in this visit.

Warm Vanilla Sugar. This fragrance has sweet vanilla bean and vanilla tonka with hints of white orchid, jasmine and a touch of sandalwood. There's a hint of burnt sugar to this scent. I picked up a fragrance mist and a tiny pocketbac hand sanitiser to keep with me in my purse for emergencies.

Vanilla Buttercream. This scent is sweeter than Warm Vanilla Sugar. It has creamy vanilla with sweet buttery caramel. You can also smell some marshmallow to it and a soft musk. It is my sister Shannon's favourite! I picked up a small hand cream with moisturising shea butter and vitamin E. The scent lasts long on the skin.

Merry Cookie. Finally my favourite fragrance of the lot. This delicious fragrance is warm with buttery sugar and cookie and a touch of vanilla bourbon frosting. It is not as sweet as the other two which makes it more wearable and a more flexible fragrance. I've picked up this in hand cream form and I must say I love how this lasts 8+ hours on the skin. I'm definitely picking up another one -or two.

So with my not so secret affair with vanilla is out in the open, I have created its own special Tag -- check out Vanilla Treats for other vanilla-based fragranced products I've come across and no doubtedly love, I'm sure if you've got a sweet tooth you'll find something you like...

If you've got a question or an opinion on this, leave a comment at the bottom of this post! 

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  1. I love everything vanilla too. These sound delicious!

  2. mmmm.. even the packaging on these makes them seem like they should smell delicious. they all look so inviting. love a good pamper with yummy smelling beauty products. x


  3. Vanilla Buttercream and Warm Vanilla Sugar sound like they would smell yummy! ^ ^



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