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Mark Hill Wild Waver Hot Wand Review

Hello! My name is Shivanee and this is my first post after joining my sister-in-law to be's blog. I accompanied her to the Mark Hill Hair company's recent event - which was fantastic - and I am reviewing some of the products they were showcasing. Mark Hill himself was on hand at the event to help out and show off his skills. This particular line is not available yet but should be out in time for your wishlist this Christmas.

Mark Hill Wild Waver Hot Wand Review

Mark Hill Wild Waver Hot Wand Review

Mark Hill Wild Waver Hot Wand
Stand Out From The Crowd!

Having long, thick and heavy hair I have always struggled with keeping my curls bouncy and pristine for the whole evening. The Mark Hill Wild Waver Hot Wand not only produced great looking curls but they were still intact the next day, albeit slightly looser.

Mark Hill Wild Waver Hot Wand Review

Here are some reasons why this product is great:

a. Quick heat up and variable temperature setting
b. Variable length of the barrel so you can choose the size of your curls
c. Come with some good heat protection gloves!
d. Gives a great shine even without product

Mark Hill Wild Waver Hot Wand Review
Myself and Livia
Curling hair can be tricky- here are some tips to get perfect curls: http://www.markhill.co.uk/wave-goodbye-boring-hair/

If you've got a question or an opinion on this, leave a comment at the bottom of this post!

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  1. I have the same struggle's with keeping my hair in tact the whole day too! Will have to try these out one day. By the way, you looked gorgeous!


    Ploy x


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