Hey everyone! I know it's been a while. School just started a month ago and this may be the hardest semester yet (bring out the caffeine). Thankfully, this week's pretty light. So I'm back! - And I'm back with a review!


Born Pretty Brush Set Review

Mark Hill Wild Waver Hot Wand Review

Hello! My name is Shivanee and this is my first post after joining my sister-in-law to be's blog. I accompanied her to the Mark Hill Hair company's recent event - which was fantastic - and I am reviewing some of the products they were showcasing. Mark Hill himself was on hand at the event to help out and show off his skills. This particular line is not available yet but should be out in time for your wishlist this Christmas.


Mark Hill New Collections @BAFTA195 Piccadilly

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A throwback to our ballerina days we have been busting out our romantic purple and lilac eyeshadows this season and teaming them up with our ballerina hair buns. The trick is to avoid the 'bruised lid look' that these colours can sometimes do... Here are our tips to wear the right shade of purple for you:


The Secret to Lilac Lids

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Confused about which flirty falsies to wear for that special night out?

Amidst the sea of lashes in the world, there are a few brands we always turn to. A higher price tag does not necessarily mean higher quality and some of the best are available from your local drugstore. Here are a few tips on what we look for in a good pair of falsies:


How to Avoid Fake-Looking Falsies

That's one good thing about having a beauty addict girlfriend, you know what presents to get her. Just as long as you make sure its already in her collection of beauty bits, anything goes -- and she'll be thrilled!

This post is a little late but something definitely worth writing. It's my review of Charlotte Tilbury's Golden Goddess Makeup Set that my sweet other half picked out for me to give me on my birthday. He likes to think he knows which makeup looks great on me, and I gotta say he's right!

Let's get onto the deets!!


My First Charlotte Tilbury Gift Box

MAC A Novel Romance Lingering Kiss & Hearts Aflame Lipsticks Review & Swatches
MAC A Novel Romance Lingering Kiss & Hearts Aflame Lipsticks Review & Swatches


MAC A Novel Romance Hearts Aflame & Lingering Kiss

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