Super Cool Kitsch Hair Ties!

For keeping my hair up, I’ve always been a hair clamp gal but a couple of weeks ago I decided I was going to try something different – using hair ties. They just look so much tidier worn with a ponytail and the way hair swings from side to side when you move is also kinda cute...

So when I came across these Kitsch Hair Ties I knew I had to have them. They are utterly adorable! They are handmade with great quality. My favourite of this bunch has to be the I need coffee one which has been quite popular on the busy job. It brings a subtle quirkiness that is not so in-your-face and brings a little smile to whoever sees it. It also makes a good conversation starter!

These Kitsch Hair Ties will be available from www.mykitsch.com from September 2014 at £4/set of 5. They have other sets available now some daintier and others geekier, have a look at their website here and see which one is your favourite!

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