The Weekly Makeup Edit #05

Here is this week's beauty edit that is a little bit different from the usual as I have included some inspirational yet light-hearted reading material that I have enjoyed on the commute to and from work this week. I've also enjoyed new face bases and a light rose gold coloured highlighter to adorn my cheekbones for that Victoria's Secret glow.

Without spoiling too much, LD describes his various life experiences that made him who he was, all his struggles with his sexuality and self-discovery and things he learned to take him through to the next chapters in his life. Reading this book is such a delight as it takes me through an adventure of his many different experiences at work and during his spare time, things that I will perhaps never experience in my lifetime eg. working in construction, on ships, entering pageants and so forth. Accommodating my busy schedule, the chapters are the perfect sizes for the commute. The writing style reflects much about the writer, very friendly with touches of eccentricity that make me giggle. I feel I've learned a lot about LD and come to respect his hard work and accomplishments through this piece that I feel How I Nailed It!: Leighton Denny is something worth recommending.

To save time in the mornings, replace the brush-and-gel eyeliners with eyeliner pencils and pens. I have been using Maybelline New York Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner for that purpose. It has a fine tip that allows precise application. It deposits full rich black colour and dries relatively quickly. It is so easy to use. A firm favourite of my sister and I.

I have been enjoying my Laura Mercier Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 20 as of late in the warmer weather. It has a medium to thick consistency that is good enough to moisturise my skin as well as to add the coverage I need. Using my fingers, I blend a 10-pence amount of product on my face for adequate coverage. I find I use more of this product than normal foundations but it comes in a massive 50ml for similar prices that makes it worth it. The added SPF20 is such a bonus too. I find the shade Nude is perfect for my NC25-30 skin.

To set my Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser, I have been using Physicians Formula Super BB All-in-1 Beauty Balm Powder in the shade Light/Medium. This is a powder with sheer to medium coverage. It provides a little sheen to the skin. It has Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide to provide a massive extra SPF 30. Its inexpensive and works very well. If you want a high SPF setting powder and you wouldn't mind the bulky white packaging and useless brush it comes with, this is for you.

Swatching over at the MAC Counter I fell in love with this cream colour base. My go to highlighter is MAC Pearl Cream Colour Base so it was no surprise I enjoyed her sister Hush. MAC Hush Cream Colour Base is a peachy nude shade that works well with my gold undertones. It has shimmery tiny particles that can give you the 'wet/dewy' look depending on how much you apply. Most importantly, this product does not cause my skin to break out instead it makes it look healthy and glowy. Hello Victoria Secret glow!

I've recently raved about this lipstick here so I'll keep this entry short. This is a beautiful light peachy nude shade that I find actually makes the lips look more plump than usual nudes that make you look washed out. It's perfect for work, everyday or to even glamourise a smokey eye look. Its no wonder Charlotte Tilbury Bitch Perfect Lipstick has been my every-day lip shade of late.

What has been your favourite makeup product this week? I'd like some recommendations!

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  1. That Charlotte Tilbury lipstick is on my wishlist, it's such a pretty shade! I think this week my favourite product has definitely been Laura Merciers Silk Creme foundation for its incredible lasting power - being at work all day with the weather getting warmer and not being able to re-touch my face, it's been a life saver! x


  2. Now I'm intrigued but the Leighton Denny book! His Honeystrap is my favourite greige polish. Will pick the book in London next month!


  3. Thanks Stephanie! I shall have a look at that greige polish.. I'm a fan of these types of colours. Definitely check out the book or you can read samples of it on amazon I believe x

  4. Thanks Madeleine! I've never heard of that foundation before, I'll have a search for it. Sounds fabulous if it lasts all day! Have you tried MAC Prolongwear foundation before? Just curious to see how it compares xx

  5. sounds like a brilliant product. Worth every penny!

  6. I really can't stop drooling over Charlotte Tilbury Bitch Perfect Lipstick

  7. I find it to be really great - has such good coverage without being heavy or looking cakey on the skin, and you can buff into the skin so well (: I've actually tried no bases from MAC I'm afraid, sorry! I might be wrong, but they give the impression that they'd all be a bit too heavy for my liking xx


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