On-the-Go Beauty - Makeup for the Commute to Work

There are three main criteria for makeup on the go: portability, ease of use, and multitasking. Well there's also a fourth - it has to make you look good. Here are a few beauty tips and tricks I would recommend if you're the type of gal who would rather take the time to sleep and slap on your face on the commute to work be it train tram or tube... Not speaking from experience, of course...

1.) Foundation - Pick a formula that is easy to apply with the fingers. Or better yet if you're the lucky gal to have more good skin days than bad, take with you a concealer to dab on only on problem areas. For on the go I recommend wand products that allow controlled spot applications but can double up as foundations such as MAC Mineralize concealer or NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer. I would apply this on the eye bags spots, around my nose and mouth, and blend with the fingers.

2.) Powder - I'm one of those believers in setting my face base with powder. I don't touch up during the day so powder is a must for me. There is no trick around this - I take powder on one hand and a brush (preferably a stippling brush) on the other. The powder has to be pressed powder though - you don't want loose powder puffing up in smoke on the other passengers!

3.) Lips and cheeks - opt for multitasking cream products with pops of colour. For easy finger applications I would pick creamy but solid formulas. Mac Cream Colour Bases and NARS Multiples are fabulous for this. The new YSL Kiss and Blush are also good alternatives.

4.) Eyes - I say skip the brushes, powders and pots in place for eye pencils or felt tip pens. That includes eyeshadow, eyeliner and eyebrows. Take note of creamy yet long-wearing Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow pencils. Even liquid liners can cause more trouble, avoid those too.

5.) Mascara - unless the commute is particularly bumpy I would suggest perfecting your mobile mascara technique. There's no way getting around this one.

So these are my basic tips and recommendations for on the go beauty. Fellow commuters would be amazed at your before and after transformation, and I'm sure closet beauty addicts would have difficulty keeping their eyes off you and your arsenal... with makeup bag envy!

If you've got a question or an opinion on this, leave a comment at the bottom of this post! 

Livia | The Skin and Beauty Blog



  1. Hello Livia, You have good makeup options. I cant wait to try NARS radiant creamy concealer and YSL kiss and blush.

  2. What a lovely unique post! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this one!

    keep it up!

    zara xx


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