My Essential Oils

Call me an ‘oily girl’ but my vanity routine has been taken over by oil-based products. 

Oils have been the rage lately for skincare and hair care and rightly so. Long gone are the days when oils are heavy, sticky and take ages to sink into our skin. These days hair oils are lightweight and skin oils quick drying although they have kept their moisturizing and luminous effects.

The following products have invaded my beauty shelf:

LOreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil

I’ve used LOreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil for my hair longer than just recently. This rapid use and inevitable ‘running-out-of’ was actually the inspiration of this post. As mentioned in my how to get big hair post, I do use heat a lot on my hair in the form of blow drying which does take its toll on my hair. In times when my hair desperately needs its lost lustre and shine back, I use this miracle worker. I apply two pumps on my palms, rub them together and run my fingers through my damp hair to distribute and follow by blow drying – like I normally would. After a single use, my hair looks a lot healthier, shinier and even softer, and effects are even better with regular use. It does not weigh hair down and it is perfect for girls who want shiny poofy locks. Give it a go!

Garnier Body Ultimate Beauty Oil

The warmer season has called for even faster absorbing moisturisers and I’ve looked to this Garnier Body Ultimate Beauty Oil. I love the spritz applicator. I apply two sprays per arm and leg, give them a quick spread and voila – sexy shiny softer skin. Love!

La Roche Posay Anthelios XL Nutritive Oil SPF 50+

For the days when I go out in the sun in my mini shorts and skirts, I spritz this one instead of Garnier Body Ultimate Beauty Oil above on my arms and legs. It works the same way but with the added SPF x to protect my skin from the sun’s cancer-inducing UV rays so I can have healthier skin for longer.

NUXE Huile Prodigieuse Multi-usage Dry Oil Spray

This one is actually a cheat - I don't use this now as I find it too moisturizing for the face during summer times but it is excellent at keeping my facial skin soft in the winter, so that’s when I predominantly use this for.

So that’s a quick run through of my oily regulars… do you use any oil products in your daily routine?

If you've got a question or an opinion on this, leave a comment at the bottom of this post! 

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  1. Oh I haven't heard of the LRP oil before! I recently got the Nuxe one on a trip to Paris, but haven't started using it.. its pretty hot and humid here already.. will wait for winter! :-)


  2. The LRP one is great. Definitely give it a go if you've got the chance! :)

  3. Garnier hasn't release that body ultimate beauty oil in Indonesia :(
    I guess i need it so badly, since I have extremely dry skin

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  4. I've used a L'oreal oil too and I LOVE it! It smells great too. :) I currently use the infamous Moroccan Oil for my bleached blonde hair.


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