More Brushes: Real Techniques Sam's Picks Collection Review

You know Real Techniques and I have had this long ongoing affair ...and I'd like to share with you the newer goodies I've added to my Real Techniques Collection. These are six favourites of Sam Chapman 'Sam's Picks Collection' - most of them I like but some just so-so. I'd like to tell you about each one, let's get started!

Multi-Task Brush

This is my favourite of all the brushes in this collection. It's a face brush that is flat-ish on the sides with a rounded top. The flat sides are perfect for patting on blush on the cheeks whereas the rounded portion is the right size for contour or bronzer. Of course I don't use them for both purposes in the same look, it would be handy if I had two of these!

Setting Brush

This is a small flat ish not so fluffy brush. The size is perfect for setting undereye concealer with some powder. It's a bit too small for full face powder applications - I'd rather use my gigantic Real Techniques Powder brush for that which does the job in 2 seconds!

Buffing Brush

This is my second Real Techniques Buffing Brush. Always useful, I use this to apply liquid foundation for that flawless airbrushed finish.

Pointed Foundation brush

To be honest, I'm not a big fan of this, I'm not really the flat foundation brush type of gal. It's good for spot corrections of concealer but other than that I'm not overwhelmed.

Essential Crease Brush

This soft, tapered brush is exclusive to this set. It allows effortless application of eyeshadow on the eye crease, but I like it for blending out any harsh edges. It's a good brush to apply cheek and nose highlight with also.

Fine Liner Brush

This skinny brush allows precision application of liquid or cream eyeliner. If you want super thin lines go for this, but honestly I prefer the Real Techniques Pixel-Point Eyeliner brush that's a little bit stiffer and much easier to use.

That's a whirlwind review of Real Techniques Sam's Picks Collection. I hope this was useful. 
Now I have one question for you... What's the one makeup brush you can't live without?
 Livia | The Skin and Beauty Blog



  1. I have been debating getting this set if only for the multi-task brush! It likes the perfect shape for powders! :-)


  2. The Real Technique Sam's collection has nice set of brushes.

  3. i use the pointed foundation brush to put liquid contour on.. then i blend away with the same brush or another small stippling brush. its great for cheekbones and nose area because of the point

  4. I actually got this set for the crease brush, the multitask brush was such a surprise! X


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