Models Own Polish For Tans in Shades & Beach Bag Swatches!

Are you having trouble getting a tan? Well, you're in luck! Here are a couple of tan-tastic nail polishes from Models Own that really accentuate any smidgen of colour to create a faux-glow.

I've picked up a couple of shades from the collection named Models Own Polish For Tans - Shades and Beach Bag. Shades is a coral-pink shade that looks creamy on the nails. Beach Bag
is a neon peach. Both shades are easy to apply with minimal streaking. I have applied two coats on each nail here.

Overall I really like these two and they make for fantastic summer nail colours. I may just find the hot pink Sun Hat to make its way to my Shopping Basket...

Have you picked out your summer nail shade?

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  1. Such pretty shades and they look so lovely on you Livia

  2. These two colours are gorgeous! I don't tan very quickly so I like the sound of these highlighting any colour I do get! x



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