Tame Your Man's Mane on Father's Day!

The Carbon Pocket Hair Comb, Precision Styling Brush, Easycare Styling Brush

When I was growing up I remember whenever I needed a hair comb stat, I would always turn to my dad. He always without fail had a thin comb in his back pocket. My mum never carried around such things! He had this along with a hanky that was a saving grace whenever I got a cold bless him!, his pocket address book where he also scribbled his to-do list, and of-course his wallet. His pocket comb was an everyday essential to him as was mine.

Thinking about gifts for Father's Day I think a good quality comb would be a practical gift for those special men in our lives (dad, partner, hubby) which they would use and would survive for years to come. Here I have three different heavy duty hair tamers from Denman Hair Fitness for Men which each have their type of man in mind:

The Precision Styling Brush (£7.99). If your man is on the metro side with perfectly coiffed hair or if he likes his hair long akin to Chris Helmsworth in Thor you can thank me for the good visual, this would be his brush. Suitable for all hair types and lengths, this has smooth round-ended pins that makes it easy to brush and style hair. It can be used with a hair drier, again a pro for our metro men! We do love them.

The Easycare Styling Brush (from £3.50). Fuss-free goes the easycare styling brush. This brush is ideal for most hair lengths but especially shorter and thinning hair. There's nothing wrong with thinning hair but some men are bothered by it. In some types of alopecia, we usually advise massaging the hairless areas of scalp to encourage blood flow to the area increasing chances of hair growth. The eight rows of ultra-soft bristles in this brush massage and stimulate the scalp without scratching, making it ideal for our men with thinning hair.

The Carbon Pocket Hair Comb (from £1.01). Going back to childhood memories, this is the type of comb I was talking about that my dad always carried around with him. It is a thin comb that has denser bristles on one end and the other end has bristles wider apart. It is great for those with short or fine hair. The unique thing about this comb is that it contains carbon fibre that minimises static electricity produced when combing hair. My dad and I tend to shock others with static bursts and this would do well to prevent that. In short if your man has short, fine hair and static-prone, and if he needs a thin light comb for on the go, choose this one!

The Carbon Pocket Hair Comb, Precision Styling Brush, Easycare Styling Brush
Lately my dad's response to 'Hey Dad can I borrow your comb?' has been 'use this' *shows hand claw and a smirk*. It seems he might have lost his pocket comb and its time for a new one... You know which one I would get for my dad, what about you?

These ultra-affordable Denman Hair Fitness Combs and Brushes are available from Boots and John Lewis stores nationwide.

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