Beauty Hacks to Big Hair No One Told You!

How to get big hair
How to get big hair
Being the naturally poker straight haired Oriental girl that I am, I have always craved for large luscious locks. Despite this, admittedly when it comes to hair care I am the laziest and I have not really gained much skill in the ways of the hair curler and tong unlike my sister Shannon (she's amazing!). Somehow I still manage to pull off the large mane *on most days* and get regular compliments whenever I let my hair down from my usual bun pre and post-work.

Here are my personal tips or rather 'beauty hacks' that I use to get big hair!

1.) Get a permanent wave or curl. 

Just because you can't use a curling iron or curlers doesn't mean you can't get curls. Every nine months or so I hunt down a hair salon that does permanent curls. So far I have been doing this in Korean hair salons in the Philippines, I have yet to find one that I would trust my hair with in London... Any suggestions?

2.) Reverse hair washing.

Recently this has become a trend but I have been doing it for sometime. It is the art of applying conditioner before shampoo. Conditioner softens your hair but usually adds some weight causing your locks to drop. Using this before shampoo means you get the essential hair moisturising you need but the excess residue is removed revealing lighter bouncier hair! After a while this can be drying though so I would take a break and do the conventional once every week.

3.) Hair spray on damp hair. 

Spritz a volumising hair spray on your roots and body of your hair to hold volume in place. This goes before #4! My current favourite hair spray is Blow Pro Blow Out Spray. It leaves hair soft and non sticky, and it smells absolutely delicious!

4.) Blow drying hair upside down.  

An oldie but goodie. My mum taught me this. A lot of people wonder whether this actually works but trust me, it does.

5.) Don't brush your hair. 

To get bed hair you don't need to brush it and this is pretty much the look I typically go for. Large sexy bed hair. The only detangling I do is in the shower running conditioner through my hair with my fingers, but while its dry I lay off the brush and comb -- unless obviously necessary eg. see #6.

6.) Use dry shampoo. 

This doubles up as a hair-refreshener and volumiser. Apply some on the roots, massage it in and brush out as you normally would. The effect is instant volume. Batiste have a selection of good ones and even in mini-sizes to fit your handbag. Check out the ones closest to your natural hair colour as the rest can leave white patches on your hair if you're not careful!

7.) Root massaging, hair fluffing, flipping and scrunching. 

I often do this prior having photos taken. The effects can be short-lived IRL but will be eternal in pictures. ;)

Hope this helps. Prepare for a wave of new fans for your fluffy locks produced with minimal effort!

Do you have any of your own tricks to get big hair?
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