Battle of the Best Waterproof Makeup Removers!

Waterproof Eye Makeup Removers from L'oreal, Garnier, Nivea & The Body Shop

A few days ago while I was shopping my stash I made a big mistake. I decided to try one of my waterproof mascaras just for good measure and admired how it made my eyelashes look. But a few hours later just before bedtime though, I panicked. I realised I did not have anything to remove it with!

Good waterproof eye makeup will not be easily removed by regular makeup removers. No, no. Not even my Bioderma Crealine Micellar Cleanser could budge it. The closest thing I had at home to remove it was MAC Cleanse Off Oil but that made my vision blur and some of my lashes fall out oh no!

The next day I marched into my local drugstore with one thing in mind - to pick up a good waterproof eye makeup remover. I did not just walk away with one however, I picked up a few. I foresee myself wearing budge-proof mascara more often with this horrible wet weather and I was determined to find out which of these was the best budget remover available that easily removes makeup and does not leave me temporarily blind. 

These are all duo-phase eye makeup removers. To use, make sure you shake them vigorously so much that bubbles appear and then apply generously to the centre of a cotton pad to achieve the best effect. A third-soaked cotton pad would do. Press this against your eyelid and over the lashes for about 30 seconds to dissolve all eye makeup and gently wipe off to the side. The effect I look for is instant removal of eye makeup without leaving a greasy film. Here are my thoughts on the different removers... Let's get started!

L'Oreal Absolute Eye & Lip Make Up Remover
L'Oreal Absolute Eye & Lip Make Up Remover (£4.99). This one is an excellent waterproof makeup remover. Give it a good shake and it effectively removes my waterproof mascara, thick eye and face makeup. It glides on the skin gently. Compared to the others, this one does leave some moisture but I wouldn't call it particularly oily. I find this is good for people who are prone to dryness around the eyes or as extra skin hydration over the cold months. Eye makeup removes easily with no blurring of vision. I love this one!

Garnier Express 2in1 Eye Make up Remover
Garnier Express 2in1 Eye Make up Remover (£3.49). This is probably my favourite of the bunch. It easily removes eye makeup with absolutely no greasy residue or blurring of vision. It doesn't moisturise as much as the L'oreal one which I like especially in the warmer months. Oily skin types would like this too. A winner!

NIVEA Double Effect Eye Make-Up Remover
NIVEA Double Effect Eye Make-Up Remover (£3.59). Shake it well and it removes waterproof mascara without stinging the eyes. It also moisturises the eye area more than the L'oreal one. The oily residue though does blur the vision a little bit which might irritate sensitive eyes, so don't use too much of it I would say. It's still a very good one though and fantastic for the price.

The Body Shop Camomile Waterproof Eye Make-Up Remover
The Body Shop Camomile Waterproof Eye Make-Up Remover (£8.00). I cheat - this one is not a drugstore find but it is still reasonably priced hence I included it in my review. It is moisturising but leaves less of a residue than the Nivea above, perhaps comparable to the L'oreal one. It dissolves mascara in seconds. The Camomile in it is not too strong and feels soothing on tired eyes. Although the price is reasonable it is still twice the price of its cheaper counterparts which are just as good.

That's a quick run through of all these heavy duty waterproof mascara removers in one single post. From this experience I definitely learned my lesson - never apply waterproof eye makeup without a good waterproof eye makeup remover at hand! I have four bottles of waterproof makeup remover here so you won't see me making that mistake again in the near future, I hope...

What's your favourite eye makeup remover? I'd love to hear your recommendations!
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  1. I haven't tried any of these yet! I have been using and adoring Clarins eye makeup remover and its truly wonderful! Have you tried it? Its a bit on the expensive side.. but I don't usually compromise on things I use for the eyes.. so its justified :-)

  2. No I haven't tried that yet. Does it remove waterproof makeup really easily? :)

  3. Very very easily! in fact I have had a few makeup removers which have caused my lashes to fall.. but not this one! its very gentle.. just as its name says! You should try a sample of this!

  4. I will! Maybe I can get one of those minis in sets to try them out!

  5. Have you tried using Olive oil+water?
    I've been testing it out recently and using it as my makeup remover. It works well but I've gotta swipe a few times more on my lash line to ensure that I thoroughly remove all my waterproof gel eyeliner and mascara:)

  6. I had no idea Nivea had a makeup remover! I am going to try and find this!!

  7. I really love Garnier's makeup remover, but I haven't tried the other products yet ;)

  8. I've actually tried that once when I was stuck without a proper remover. Unfortunately it made my eyes blur for a good 20 minutes and removing the makeup wasn't as easy as with the products above! It's a good natural product to use though.

  9. I have relied on Bioderma and Clinique Take the day off balm and they work just fantastic... havent tried any of these yet:(


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