Acne Treatment with Sk:n

Get acne-free skin with Sk:n

Say goodbye to acne and get the smooth skin you've always wanted!

Imagine a quick and easy solution to your acne that bypasses protocols and waiting times. Treatments under the NHS especially skincare have their limitations so much that often it is best to seek advice from private practitioners to get the healthcare that suits both your wishes and lifestyle.


Following on from Acne 101, I'd like to introduce you to the acne experts with doctor-led clinics all over the UK: Sk:n. You may have walked past their clinics before. They have 40 clinics nationwide!

They recruit only the most experienced of doctors who are well-trained in the field of aesthetic dermatology so you know you are in safe hands. These clinicians provide advanced treatments for common cosmetic dermatology problems such as Acne.

Isolaz Laser Acne Treatment

Try their acne treatment with painless laser acne clearance with Isolaz. Isolaz works in three ways: It Cleanses the skin with a vacuum that loosens pores and extracts dirt, blackheads and excess oil. It Purifies the skin by destroying the acne-causing bacteria and reduces redness due to acne. It then Replenishes the skin with topical skin care products added to the treated skin to enhance overall effects. You can read more about Isolaz here.

Pore Purifying Techniques

At Sk:n, Isolaz is often combined with pore cleansing technologies in the form of advanced skin peels (Salicylic acid and Pyruvic Acid Skin Peels) and Microdermabrasion that purify and tone the skin as well as treat acne scars providing clear skin with long-lasting effects!

These exciting quick-acting novel treatments are not freely available under the NHS, but are available from Sk:n. Their recommended treatment time is a six week course with visibly smoother skin within just a few weeks!


Find out more about acne treatments provided by Sk:n here and book a consultation with a skin specialist at your nearest Sk:n clinic!

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Disclaimer: While I have not personally tried treatments by Sk:n clinics, the treatments mentioned above are evidence-based and are effective for most skin types.


  1. I havent tried treatments by sk:n clinics, but since I had acne I have tried peels and microdermabrasion and quite liked it!

  2. Drink lots of water and organic green tea (no the processed bottle crap). Also get some RAW, Organic and unfiltered apple cider vinegar and rub it on your acne with a cottonball before you go to sleep. It works and I wish I had known about it while I was a teenager.


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