A Naughty Makeup Haul

This weekend I've done a little bit of a splurge in the makeup department. This is a collective haul from my days of window shopping which ultimately ended up in product buys. Here are some new products for cheeks, contour, lips and hair from NARS, MAC and drugstore favourite L'oreal. I now realise eyes have been quite neglected, perhaps subconsciously as I am typically more drawn to lip and cheek makeup! These products will be reviewed individually later in their own time, but here are my initial impressions of the lust-worthy products above:

L'oreal Coral Denimista Glam Matte Gloss. Drugstore beauty giant L'oreal has released some new lip products this spring/summer. They are the Glam Matte Lip Glosses which are creamy products that dry to a matte finish. They come with a doe foot applicator. This colour I picked up is a neon coral pink that is just a bright pop of colour that would look fab on tanned olive skintones. I always think it should be called the 'Denim Coralista' as the name 'Coral Denimista' takes some getting used to...

NARS Sex Appeal Blush. This blush is the 'naughty' in the title post. I've always thought this shade was too pale and would look ashy on my skintone but actually on my cheeks it imparts the cutest natural looking flush of colour, no wonder NARS Sex Appeal is so popular in the Japanese market!

MAC Maleficent Sculpt Sculpting Powder. Once upon a time I used to own Sculpt in one of those contour/highlighter duos but I've long since swapped it away. MAC Sculpt Powder is a mid-tone grey brown that makes a really good contour on light to medium skintones. It is available from the permanent line in MAC Pro Stores but I prefer it in the special limited edition packaging. If this has run out online, MAC Harmony Blush from the permanent collection is the closest dupe!

NARS Laos Matte Multiple. It was about time I picked up one of these. They are quite pricey hence it took me so long to decide on a colour and I had some money vouchers on Space NK to use up. Laos is a vibrant reddish pink that looks great on the cheeks and very pretty on the lips. This will get lots of use from me in the summer. There were actually two shades I had my eyes on but I'll have this for now...

L'oreal Elnett Very Volume Hair Spray. You know me, I love my big hair and I am always trying out things to get the poofiest hair an Oriental girl can get. I wanted to try a hair trick I learned a few days ago that has to do with hair spray and picked this up. It smells like a hair salon (no surprise there) and does help lift my heavy roots when applied there. If you apply just the right amount, hair doesn't get too stiff or sticky. I picked up this handbag-sized mini canister to take with me through daily ventures.

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  1. Katherine Allanach2 June 2014 at 10:40

    Want to try the NARS multiples so much! This haul is amazing, I am so jealous right now :(
    Mac lipstick giveaway on my blog if you would like to enter! www.katherinerosie.blogspot.co.uk

  2. Such a naughty haul indeed! I've been lusting NARS products for so long yet I haven't gotten my hands on anything from them yet! Their blushes are gorgeous, I'm eyeing out for the shade Deep Throat though :P

  3. Oh Laos is so pretty! I have it on my wishlist but the steep price holds me back!

  4. It is quite a tiny product for that price but the colour is stunning! :)

  5. Hahaha Deep Throat (blush) is the best imho :P

  6. Aw thanks for viewing my blog Katherine, I'm entering your giveaway! :) xx


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