Top Five MAC Lustre Lipsticks!

Believe it or not, it was MAC Lustre Lipsticks that first got me into the MAC bandwagon (not mattes not amplified cremes!). I remember almost a decade ago, my dad bought me one of my first ever lustre lipsticks that was MAC Plink! Lipstick and I never turned back since. Lustres are still one of my favourite MAC Lipstick finishes - they glide on like butter and look like gloss! I would like to take this time to share my top five MAC Lustre lipsticks with you. Let's get started!

MAC Freckletone Lipstick

I actually have two tubes of this bad boy here. I find it is the perfect natural hued nude for NC30 gals like myself. MAC Freckletone Lipstick is a neutral nude with a hint of peach. The peach hue avoids the corpse face some nude lippies can give you and the sheen makes the consistency appear thinner and more wearable. This looks wonderful on with smokey eyes or even a simple look as above. So NC30 Asian Girls out there, check this out!

MAC Hug Me Lipstick is a pinky neutral type of shade that would look great on anyone anywhere for any occasion. Work safe, play safe, an overall good girl.

I briefly mentioned my history with MAC Plink! Lipstick above. This has a highest gloss effect among my favourite lustres. It is a light yellow pink with a pinky silver sheen. It really looks like gloss but I promise it isn't! I love wearing this with a grey smokey eye. 

MAC Sweetie Lipstick is the one I like to bring with me for special events eg. formal events, special work occasions, interviews etc. It's a midtone pink with a hint of berry that I find actually screams a bit more mature and a bit of a godsend for me - balances out my youthful teen-old looks.

MAC Flamingo Lipstick

MAC Flamingo Lipstick. This is hot! A hot coral pink verging on neon. It used to be limited edition but now is part of the permanent collection, and I couldn't be happier. This is for days when I feel the need for a little pick me up. It instantly brightens the face and is perfect for summer tans. Love!

So that's my top five of the Lustres. Make sure you bookmark this post and swatch these beautiful lippies when you hit the shops! 

MAC Lipsticks (£15 each) are available from your local MAC Cosmetics store.
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  1. Such a lovely collection of colours! I loveeee plink! I wish I had a huge collection of Mac lipsticks! x


  2. Lovely choices! My favourite Lustre Lipstick in MAC Plumful. So gorg :)

  3. Thanks! And what a coincidence, if I had to chose six, Plumful would have been my next choice!


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