Acne 101: How to Prevent Acne and Dispelling myths!

Following on from my post on What is Acne Vulgaris and What Causes Acne? this post is to dispel some myths about causes of acne and to provide ways to how prevent unwanted breakouts.

The Truth About Face Washing

There is very little evidence that frequent face washing helps solve acne. The central 'blackness' in blackheads is not dirt but rather it is oxidized melanin, a natural pigment-forming substance in the skin. Intense cleansing might result in skin irritation, which worsens active lesions and makes your skin more prone to side effects of acne treatments.

Basic care with washing your face twice a day and using a moisturiser that doesn't contribute to comedone formation is recommended (look for the word 'noncomedogenic' in your skincare). Avoid using scrubs and harsh cleansing on inflammatory spots.

The Truth About Chocolate

While myths about food triggers have already been largely dispelled, there are some reports of food influences on acne. They suggest that acne breakouts are linked to diets that are high in dairy and sugars (perhaps there was some truth into chocolate as a cause!). There is also a substantial dose dependent relationship between smoking and acne severity.

In short -- good facial hygeine with twice daily cleansers and noncomedogenic moisturisers, a diet low in dairy and sugars, and stopping smoking will help you clear your skin

Using regular skincare with retinoic acid (Vitamin A derivatives) also helps. These will be covered in a later post...

Stay tuned for my next post on How to Get Rid of Acne!
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  1. Hi Divya! If the blackhead is externally visible I would suggest seeing an experienced aesthetician to take it out. Otherwise if it is very superficial you might be able to pluck it out with tweezers. If it is closed however, try something that contains benzoyl peroxide that dries it out - more info on this in my next post. If the diagnosis is uncertain however ie. milia or acne? i think its best to see your family doctor or dermatologist. Hope this helps!

  2. Lipstick Queen is a new favourite of bloggers... Are these good ?


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